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My Little Pony Acronyms:
 BB = Big Brother
 BBE = Beddy-bye Eyes, eyes that open and close on ponies.
 BnG = Brush n' Grow
 CF = Concave Foot
 CP = Collectors Pose
 Deflocked = referring to the flocking on the So Softs being removed
 DnP = Dance N' Prance
 DnW = Drink n' Wet
 DS = display side of pony
 Fakie = not a real MLP
 FF = Flat Foot
 Flocking = the soft fur like stuff on So Soft ponies
 FT = First Tooth
 G1 = Generation one ponies released from 1981-1996
 G2 = Generation Two ponies, released from 1997-2003
 G3 = Generation three ponies, released in 2003-2009.
 G4 = Refers to the current line of ponies, also known as FiM (Friendship is Magic)

 GITD = Glow in the Dark
 Grail = most sought after pony
 LSPP = Licensing Show Pinkie Pie
 LSR = Licensing Show Rarity
 MB = Mountain Boy Pony
 MLP = My Little Pony
 MO = Mail Order
 MgR = Merry-Go-Round
 MM = Magic Message
 NBBE = non beddy-bye eyes
 NBT = Newborn Twin Pony
 NC = no country
 NDS = non display side
 NSS = Non So Soft
 Nirvana = Foreign pony, rare variations or prototypes
 SHS = Sweet Heart Sister
 SLH = Super Long Hair
 SS = So soft
 SW = Summer Wing
 TAF = Twice as Fancy
 TE = Twinkle Eye Ponies
 WW or Winger = Windy Wing
 Other Commonly Used My Little Pony Terms:
 Bait = Pony in very poor condition, chew marks, holes, permanent marks, etc.
 BIN = Buy It Now - found on Ebay and other auction sites
 Brony = Refers to a male collector (or possibly a FiM fan in general)
 CB = custom bait, good fodder for making a custom pony
 Cancer = Referring to the breakdown of plastic over time on a pony, usually brown in color. Does not spread from pony to pony but can get worse on a pony once it begins.
 Chibi = referring to the ponies in the Ponyville line, another name for mini
 Cutie Mark = referring to the ponies symbol
 DC = Dream Castle play set
 ETA = Edited to add
 EUC = excellent used condition
 FBR = full body repaint
 FiM = Refers to the new line of Friendship is Magic
 IMO = In my opinion
 LPS = Littlest Pet Shop
 MIA = missing in action
 MIB = mint in box or bag
 MIE = mint in egg
 MIP = mint in package
 MLP Fair = Big pony meet run by the fair staff held in the United States. Usually it is held sometime around July each year.
 MOC = mint on card
 NARU = Not A Registered User (on ebay)
 Nirvana = Nirvana is the original home of the Variant MLP collector niche! Originally tagged as a type of ponies for the "advanced" collector, since gaining notoriety in the Spotlight, these stunning ponies have grabbed the eye of new and old collectors alike. Their unique color combinations and exotic appeal make these girls among the top-sought vintage MLP Items. Pony Nirvana, the first forum of its kind, launched at the Arena in 2003 and has been the go-to hub for rare pony information and (every so often!) new variant discoveries by collectors worldwide.
 NM = near mint (condition of pony)
 NRFB = never removed from box
 NRFC = never removed from card
 NRFP = never removed from package
 OOAK = one of a kind
 OOB = out of box
 OOP = out of package
 OP = original poster or post
 PC = price check
 PE = Paradise Estate Play set
 Pin Dot Mold = Mold splotches on a pony, usually brown with a dark brown or black spot in the middle. Can be treated and can spread from pony to pony.
 PO = Post Office
 Pony Con = Also known as the UK Pony Convention, like the MLP Fair but held in the UK, also once a year, usually in the fall.
 POTD = Pony of the day
 PP = PayPal
 PM = Private Message, Arena's email system
 RAOK = Random Act of Kindness
 RAOPK = Random Act of Pony Kindness
 Regrind = Where old plastic is melted down and used with new plastic to create a pony. Over time the old plastic breaks down and shows up on the pony, sometimes looking like highlighter marks. Incurable.
 SDCC = San Diego Comic Con - each year Hasbro releases an exclusive pony
 Shill Bidding = Where the person selling the items is also bidding on their item to drive the price up, usually under another username/ID they have created or a family/friends account.

TLC = Tender Loving Care
 TRU = Toys R Us
 VG = very good
 WIP = work in progress


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