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Title: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 03, 2019, 11:31:18 AM
It's been a long time since I last wrote on this forum or was particularly active with pony collecting at all. But this issue that I've had with a particular seller from this forum (if anyone is curious about who then feel free to PM me) as well as the Swedish post the past three months was something I not only had to rant about - but also thought I should bring to peoples attention so that others hopefully can avoid the same problems.

Now this will be a LONG story and I apologize for the wall of text. For those who do plan on reading it; grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the tale of the Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas.


On September 16th (2018) a fairly new member of this forum contacted me by sending me a PM, saying she had a Brazil Baby Gusty for sale which I was looking for and asked what I was willing to offer. She did point out, though, that she had paid $250 for the pony and would not be willing to go lower than that. I agreed to this price and she asked for my e-mail so that she could send me pictures.

Our conversation continued through e-mail and after seeing the pictures of Baby Gusty I informed the seller that I would be more than happy to buy her, but that it would have to wait until the end of the month when I got my paycheck.

She agreed to this, but told me that when I did pay she wanted me to send the payment as a 'Gift' so that she didn't have to pay any fees. I told her that I never send payment as 'Gift' as that leaves me without any protection should anything happen (granted I have done so on a few occasions, but only to people I know really well), but that I would be willing to pay the fee. After that mail she got rather snippy with me. Told me she was a very reputable collector on Facebook (I don't have Facebook so I wouldn't know) and that I could trust her. She also tried to 'blackmail' me (for the lack of a better word) by saying that if I did not send it as 'Gift' option she would not be marking the price down on the customs declaration to help me avoid customs fees.
I wrote back saying I'm sure she's a great seller, but that anything can happen that isn't necessarily the sellers fault. And because of that I want to make sure that I do not stand without protection if anything were to happen. I also said that what she decides to put on the customs declaration is up to her. I never have and never will ask people to mark it down. Those who do so of their own accord out of kindness I appreciate, but I'm just as fine with people writing the real amount which is better anyway in case things happen. Eventually I simply told her that if she had issues with this then it was better we did not go through with the transaction.

She then wrote back, sounding much nicer and more co-operative. Said she would be fine with me sending it as regular payment as long as I paid the Paypal fee and that she was eager to prove she was a great seller. At this point my gut feeling was starting to tell me not to go through with this purchase, but since Brazil Baby Gusty has been a grail of mine for some time I went against my better judgment. On September 26th, once I had gotten my paycheck, I promptly sent her payment and on October 3rd she sent the package out. She not only sent me the tracking number that clearly stated the package was on the way, but pictures of the package to prove that she had sent it. In other words: So far so good. 

As soon as it reached Sweden, on October 5th, problems began though... Our post has gone downhill for quite some time and their incompetence would make itself known in this case as well.
When there had been no update on the Swedish posts tracking site by the end of October I called and asked them what was going on. The lady told me to hold, 'went to check', and came back and said that she could see the package had JUST arrived at our customs. (The Swiss posts tracking site shows that it was handed to our customs later - on November 1st, but alright.)  And she told me she was sure it would be with me by the end of next week.
A few more weeks went by and still nothing so I called them again. The lady I talked to that time told me to hold, 'went to check', and came back giving me some evasive answer that it had just landed in Stockholm and that she was sure it would be with me by the end of next week. At this point I was getting fairly convinced that they had lost it, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I e-mailed the seller to let her know about the issues and she replied saying she was happy to hear that we at least knew where it was.
A couple of more weeks went by and still nothing. So when December neared I decided to contact the Swedish post again for proper answers this time. I sent them an e-mail with all the info and waited. Their site says that they will answer within 24 hours, but when two days had gone by with no reply I called them again. The lady I spoke to told me to hold, 'went to check', and when she came back she told me the package had just been handed to their sorting facility. And that she was sure it would be with me by the end of next week. Because I hadn't heard that one before...
A few days later I did get a responds to the e-mail I had sent them from the customs manager herself. She said that since there was no customs declaration on the package it had taken a lot longer for them to process it as it had to be done manually. She asked me to send in proof of what I had paid (so they knew what to charge me) as well as what I had paid in shipping which I promptly did to get the ball rolling. Buuuut nothing happened.
After two weeks I responded to this e-mail conversation that I've had with this woman and asked her if she had gotten the information I sent her since I still hadn't received anything, but of course I got no reply. So on December 12th I called them again and at this point I was livid. The poor lady I spoke to that time didn't stand a chance. I asked if they actually had a clue where the package was because it was starting to seem unlikely. And I also asked for a name and number to a person higher up in the hierarchy that I could turn to in order to get reimbursement for the package seeing as it most likely was lost. She told me it doesn't work that way and that she was sure the package wasn't lost, but said she would go and check on the status of it and told me to hold. When she came back she did reluctantly admit to that it most likely was lost because the last update there had been for it had been December 6th, when it was done at our customs, and it should have been with me by now. She told me, though, that a reimbursement is never made out to the recipient. Only to the seller who is then responsible for making sure I get it.

Hearing that I immediately contacted the seller again on December 12th through e-mail and told her about the situation, asked her to please contact her post office so that we could get this reimbursement and asked her to please forward it to me. I did also add that I understood if she was busy seeing as the holidays was coming up and that I would be completely fine if we waited with sorting this out until after Christmas. But I got no responds.

And then came Christmas.

A few days after Christmas I got a reply to the other mail I had sent the Swedish post where a guy working in the sorting terminal basically confirmed what the lady had told me before Christmas. That my package was most likely lost and that I should contact the seller for reimbursement. The seller had still not replied to me, though, so I went to check on the Arena and saw that she had been active here on December 26th. Finding it a bit suspicious that she had been online here but not checked her e-mail in all that time I did what I could to send as friendly of a PM as I could to her here on the Arena on December 27th - once again telling her about the situation, kindly asking her to contact her post office as soon as she had the chance and to please forward the reimbursement to me. After 24 hours I had not gotten a reply and at this point my patience was running out in general. So on December 28th I decided to open a case on Paypal and message her through that. Another 24 hours went by with no word from the seller and at that point I had had it. I escalated the case to Paypal and - sure enough - not even an hour later she sent me a new e-mail (without history) simply saying that she saw I had opened a case against her on Paypal, that she had sent the item and to please check with my post office.

At this point I just wanted to bang my head repeatedly against the desk, but after taking a deep breath I wrote back as nicely as I could and said that that I know she had sent the item. That I have been in contact with the Swedish post on five different occasions. That they have admitted to that it is lost. That I have messaged her about this three times without getting a responds and asked her again to please contact her post office for the reimbursement and to please send it along to me.

She wrote back, but instead of addressing the issue at hand she began complaining about how the $294 I had once sent her was now blocked on her Paypal, telling me it was money she desperately needed and questioned me as to why I had not PM'd her on the Arena about it. Finishing it of by reluctantly asking me what I wanted her to do.

I wrote back explaining again what needed to be done. Told her I didn't like it either that I had to go through her to get a reimbursement as it was not her fault that the package was lost, but that it is how it works. And also pointed out that I had PM'd her on the Arena.

She wrote back, now saying she wish I had PM'd her on the Arena instead on the 12th rather than sending her an e-mail as she rarely checks her e-mail and asked me to e-mail her proof of my communication with the Swedish post where they promised me reimbursement. I forwarded her the two e-mail correspondences that I've had with the Swedish post, said I hoped that Google translate would give a fairly accurate translation and left it at that for the time being.

A while later she wrote back complaining about how my e-mails with the Swedish post were in Swedish. That nobody at her post office would understand that. (I honestly don't know what she expected. I don't speak English with my fellow countrymen.) And once again she said she wish I had PM'd her on the Arena instead of e-mailing her on the 12th because then she would have been made aware of this in time. (As if it was my fault she was not.) Since I hadn't the $294 she desperately needed was now blocked.

I decided to ignore her repeated complaints about how $294 that she desperately needed were blocked on her Paypal because I remember when I purchased Baby Gusty she had bragged that the money would go to some extremely rare, one of a kind ponies. We all love ponies and want them, but there is no such thing as 'desperately needing' money for them. At this point I was starting to get the feeling that she was mainly saying this to make me feel sorry for her and cancel my case on Paypal which was not going to happen.

I did however offer to write her a translation if she needed, pointed out again that she could use Google translate if she preferred that - told her that I had just checked and it had given a fairly accurate translation. And also added that since she had been quick to respond to all my other e-mail communication, including the one where I had first informed her about the problems I were having, I had seen no reason to think she would not see that e-mail that I had sent her on the 12th asking for her help.

The next day she wrote back, ignoring most of our other correspondence and told me there was 'a little problem'. She said she had spoken to the Swiss post and that they had informed her that since she had sent the package as a letter with tracking and insurance up to 150 Swiss Francs (which is essentially the same as the US$) $150 was all she was going to be able to get back. Told me that the only shipping option that would have given full insurance would have cost over $100 - an amount she couldn't possibly charge me. And she added that she thought it would be unfair that she would have to be without $100 as it wasn't she who lost the package.

Finding it highly unlikely that shipping with full insurance would cost over $100 I went to the Swiss posts site to check. And sure enough. There were two shipping options that caught my eye:

* The option to send it as a package (up to 60x60x100cm) with tracking and insurance up to $1000 for $43.
* The option to send it as a letter with tracking and insurance up to $150 for $18. (Which was obviously the one she spoke of.)

Seeing as I had paid her $44 for shipping and the Paypal fee I felt really angry at this point. I confronted her about what I had found out on the Swiss posts site, attached the link as well where I had found the information, and asked what the other approximately $25 I had paid her for shipping had gone to.

She wrote back, defending herself with saying that last time she checked a few years ago it had cost over $100 to send it with full insurance and also said that she always charge a bit extra to cover packing material expenses as well as her bus fair. Said she hoped I understood and finished by once again saying how scared she was that she would now not only lose her pony (how it is hers when I bought it I don't know) but also the money she desperately needed if Paypal took my side (money she is supposed to be sending me anyway and that she in turn should be able to get from her post office). Once again trying to make me feel sorry for her from what it seemed.

But at this point I was livid. I wrote back to her and said that had I known that a staggering $25 out of those $44 I had sent her for shipping would go to other things I would not have gone through with the purchase as that would not have been an amount I would have been willing to pay for 'other expenses'. $25 is not 'a bit' extra. I pointed out that there had been no mention of that the $44 I sent her would go to anything other than shipping with full insurance and the Paypal fee.
Adding that I know that the package being lost is not her fault, nor am I blaming her for it. But that it was not insured to its full value is. Finishing it by saying that from my point of view as a buyer who paid for an item the Swedish post has lost, and full insurance which she as a seller did not get, I hardly think it's fair that I should be out $300 on nothing because the Swedish post is incompetent, or $100 because she decided to spend the money I had paid her for full insurance on other things.

She wrote back a few days later. Simply saying that she had only charged me for shipping, her transportation and the Paypal fee. Said 'I really didn't charge you for anything else' after which she replied to Paypal - fighting my claim.

I wrote back and pointed out once again that she had not mentioned that $25 would got to her transportation costs. We agreed upon $44 for shipping and the Paypal fee. That was it. She can't come now, afterwards, and say that $25 was for her transportation. Now it is nothing but a poor excuse for that she cheaped out on shipping and kept a large amount of what I had paid her for full insurance for herself. Told her what I thought of that behavior and asked if she honestly thought it was fair that I would now be the one who risk being without $100 when I had paid for full insurance that she didn't get.

I have not gotten a responds to this nor have Paypal decided an outcome yet. And obviously still no sign of the package.

I don't know if I've been out of line at some point during this ordeal but I'm just so thoroughly sick and tired of this by now. I shouldn't have to fear losing $300 or even $100 when I paid the seller for full insurance. And if Paypal takes her side I honestly don't think I will be getting any reimbursement at all.

If anyone has any tips on what I should do in that case please let me know. If anyone want to know who this seller is so that they can avoid a similar fate (or even just getting ripped off on shipping) send me a PM. (Despite everything I still don't want to drag the persons name through the dirt.) And if anyone has any plans to ship anything to Sweden... use DHL or something more reliable than PostNord...
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: ColdRuru on January 03, 2019, 12:01:03 PM
I already got the custom problem, with the need of sending documents about what I paid to my post office. It's a really long process and they are really lame about it, I would be not surprised if the package pops up back one day or another with help of the mail you've sent.
Also, I've already got a package disapearing for more than a month on the tracking, I had to escalate my phone call to the post office to finally be able to spoke to an "international" guy who found the tracking have CHANGED once it get to the other country. And then, they let the box on a corner and only deblocked it when I make them found about that tracking number change. Wich is ridiculous, let's be honest - when in the hell did a tracking CHANGE?
Welp, so if I were you, I would phone again to the post office and asking them were they are with the mail you sent with documents - cuz I've not read they never responded- if it's customs who hold your package, it's not the post office itself. And also, call them directly. Plus I would ask the post office to speak to their international spot (it's hard to get them).

Also for the paypal case, I'll call paypal as well, 'cuz they can be really tricky with difficult case and if you show no activity, they can easily forget about you and rush their decision. Also, maybe try to have documents from your postoffice saying the package is lost, so paypal can confirm it - normally it's up to them to sent you a proof letter.

In any case, don't let them breathe, ask for news and insists, they will surrender.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 03, 2019, 01:20:23 PM
Thank you for the advice ColdRuru!

I did try to call the Swedish post again today for further information on what they think I should do if the seller refuses to send me the reimbursement. But since there was 78 people before me in the queue I decided to try again at some other point :crazy:

According to my last communication with the Swedish post it was done at the customs on December 6th, but in all honesty I'm starting to think they've just made up excuses as they've went along and heaven knows where the package actually is. I do plan to keep pestering them because I would really love to get Baby Gusty.

Either way they did say I was eligable for reimbursement, if for no other reason than because it has taken so long. Unfortunately it has to be paid through the seller, though -_- They sure knows how to cover their behinds and avoid responsibility...

But rest assured I'm not simply letting this go when $300 is on the line. And so I appreciate all the info and help folks can share :)
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: lovesbabysquirmy on January 03, 2019, 04:25:42 PM
oh dear!  I hope the mods can provide you with some negotiation advice.   :( 

It doesn't sound like good seller behavior though. 
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: banditpony on January 03, 2019, 04:51:13 PM
I tried to get through as much of that as possible.. but it's a bit too long to navigate on a cellphone.


You are backed by PayPal buyer protection. As such, it's the sellers reponsibility that your item arrives. It didn't. That's why the protection exists.

Stop contact with the seller, except though PayPal. You opened a case. Escalate it when it allows you since the seller isn't resolving the issue.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 03, 2019, 05:05:18 PM
Well, Paypal just messaged me with their decision and my claim was declined.

Their reson: "The seller provided them with a tracking number that showed that the item had been delivered."

Clearly they did not read a single word that I had written to them in my claim, because whether or not the seller actually shipped the item was never the issue. Nor did they bother to check the actual status of the tracking number that both the seller as well as I had provided them with. Had they done so then they would have seen that it is most definitely not delivered.

Yet they took the sellers side. So now the outcome of this, and whether or not I get the reimbursement that the seller can cash out, rests solely on how honest this seller really is. (Which at this point is starting to feel like: not even a little bit.)
Chances are she walks away $150 richer on my loss and I'm left with absolutely nothing.

And I who felt done with pony collecting before this transaction... Can't say the urge to pick it up again got any stronger after this  >_<
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: banditpony on January 03, 2019, 05:11:05 PM
Argh made my edit when you posted.

If PayPal doesn't help you, then you'll need to ask for help with your credit card or bank. (Assuming you didn't use PayPal funds).

I was going to say sometimes they will consider a package delivered if it got to the right country (but usually an attempt of delivery needs to be shown).. I didn't want this to be the case with you.

Share the name of the seller with the mods in case someone else is dealing with the same issue.
And when you feel like that person won't resolve it -- leave feedback and share with all of us because I know I don't want to deal with a bad seller. -__- I'm sure no one else does either
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: ColdRuru on January 03, 2019, 05:18:39 PM
I'll call paypal and contest their decision.
As well, that's why you need a proof from your postoffice that they assume the package is "lost".
It may help.
They rushed their decision as I was affraid they do.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 03, 2019, 05:28:39 PM
Didn't think of contacting the bank. That's a good idea! Thank you :) (Even though contacting the banks in Sweden is a nightmare all on its own, lol. I swere no major companies actually want anything to do with their customers if they can avoid it. They only want their money.)

I've also messaged Paypal about their decision, but yeah calling them might be a better idea. I'll see what they say if/when they respond to the message I sent.

As of right now I'm constantly trying to call the Swedish post to hopefully find a time when not half of Sweden is sitting in their queue :P

And not to worry. I've PM'd with the mods about this and they know who it is. If they think it's a good idea to share the name to warn others I will be more than happy to do so :) Because I'd hate to see others ending up in the same situation.

I've also sent a new e-mail to the seller essentially asking her if she do plan to send the reimbursement my way or not seeing as it is now entirely up to her. I'll give her a little while to respond and/or to send it, but if she doesn't I will most definitely leave negative feedback and discuss with the mods if perhaps it's time to make this sellers name public. 

Sure, she was honest in the regards that she sent the item. But she overcharges a ridiculous amount on shipping that she does not use on proper insurance, and she is not the slightest bit helpful when problems arise =/
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: banditpony on January 03, 2019, 05:49:11 PM
I mean.

At the very least she needs to put through a claim to the post office.for the lost item. There's no reason for the full amount to be lost by either side.

The seller sent the item, no question. But the issue lies with her leading you to believe there was full insurance. And she should held accountable for her error.

And as I said. Sharing her name after you feel like you've exhausted all options would be helpful. That's why we have a feedback system. It sucks when someone makes a post they are having an issue then 10 people come out of the woodwork and say they had issues too. It helps no one to not be honest.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Pony.Backpack on January 03, 2019, 05:51:37 PM
This is ridiculous! I am so sorry that you have been put through this! While the seller DID send the package there is still a lot of wrongs here IE insisting on gift payment, charging so much for packaging and transportation, and expecting you to be out the cash because I guess it's fair if you're left without but not her?! Honestly, if I were in her shoes I would have sent the money back and maybe asked to split the 100$ difference so you are both out 50$ instead of her 100$ or you 30$. This is awful. May I please ask you to DM me the username? I'd really like to NOT give my money to this person, for ponies or for the bus. 
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Taffeta on January 03, 2019, 09:29:22 PM
So just to pick up on a few details since you have most stuff covered.

Obviously overcharging on shipping, $25 for bus fare packaging etc is not good practice, I think anyone who does that ought to be reeducated about customer service.

But what caught my eye was that the customs people said that it didn't have a declaration. I realise that the Customs office may have been unclear because it sounds like their information was highly unreliable. I wonder if this is the real reason the package is missing because while I know that EU packages don't need declarations, Switzerland isn't the EU...and while I know it has similar trade rights and rules, maybe someone got confused in the office and that's one of the reasons it got delayed. I am assuming regarding the origin country based on what you said about their postage charges.

I can sympathise with the shipping issue. I had a pony sent from a good friend in the US that went via Dubai and Bangladesh before eventually turning up here. It disappeared on tracking for 20 days before showing up randomly in the UK on the 28th and arriving on the 29th. It is possible the pony may get back to the seller or may eventually get to you, even if it takes a long time.

While it isn't the seller's fault that the item went astray, it rather leaves a bad taste in my mouth that this person reacted how they did. Not reading emails, not absorbing the details, not acting to make a claim..not being honest about the shipping ($43 is a lot too close to $44 for me to be an accidental coincidence, and you already paid the paypal fees as well).

Definitely call paypal. Also check whether the tracking number shows the item as delivered because that's the crux of your case really. If it doesn't, then check what tracking number paypal have and whether they've made a mistake or whether it's the right number. You also have the emails from Swedish Post about the item being confirmed missing, and paypal probably should see them. Also if the tracking number says delivered, maybe see where it says it was delivered to, vs what your address is. If it got delivered to a different country (I don't rule anything out after ponies going to the UK via Bangladesh) then that might also be a point of dispute. I am a bit cynical about transactions like this - I tend to believe that helpful sellers who actively get involved in hunting parcels probably have more genuine intentions than those who try their hardest to pass the buck, so there are a lot of small details that concern me here.

Finally...Swedish post speak Swedish. Wow. There's a revelation ;)

Wishing you lots of luck in resolving this. I totally sympathise with all the stress and pain you've gone through with this transaction as I have had a similar experience with an item that I really wanted but which never actually got here. I did get a full refund in the end thanks to ebay/paypal but the seller tried hard to avoid it with similar diversion tactics. I don't know if it was or wasn't ever sent, and I would have totally reimbursed them if it had arrived late, but it never did.

I hope Baby Gusty is safe and sound somewhere. Also I think that if the mods agree, this is a situation where we need to know who this person is. Not because they're necessarily a scammer, but because if something goes wrong, they're unreliable, and that's not great for buying rare ponies. If they are named, maybe it will encourage them to realise that there are certain responsibilities involved in buying and selling and that you shouldn't do either unless you can fulfil all parts of that obligation.

Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 04, 2019, 11:17:15 AM
I do believe you're absolutely right Taffeta that all of these problems (or most of them anyway) are caused by the fact that there was no customs declaration on the package. Why there wasn't, I don't know. But ever since the Swedish post got new directives last year to take absolutely everything (and I mean in a Gandalf: 'You shall not pass!' way everything) that comes from outside the EU and hold it for ransom - demanding people pay not only cutsoms fees for even the smallest things but also a pretty large fee to PostNord to deliver the package (which they then fail miserably at and which has people here even more furious with them) there is no chance that they let anything through from outside the EU that doesn't have a customs declaration on it.

I had hoped that me sending them all the payment details would solve the situation, but apparently not :(

This is why I suggested that people use other shipping companies when sending things to Sweden these days, at least if you're outside the EU. Because the offical Swedish post, PostNord, has become really unreliable.

And I want to stress it again that it is PostNord I want to suffer financialy for failing to deliever such a rare and beautiful pony. Not me or the seller. And had she gotten full insurance neither of us would have had to. 

She did respond to my (pretty angry at that point) e-mail that I sent yesterday where I had pointed out how badly this all looked from my point of view and how I would have to alert the pony community if she did decide to continue ignoring my requests for the reimbursement that she can cash out.

She sent me several e-mails actually after that where she said that her reputation is very important to her and promised that she would do everything she could to get the reimbursement from her post office, but asked me to please allow a week or two for things to be sorted. Promised she would send me the money as soon as her post had issued the refund to her. She also said that she would go through our e-mail history to see what she had said about the $44, whether or not she had mentioned transportation costs or not, and that if she had not mentioned anything about that then she would send me $250. Discovering that she had indeed not said anything about transportation costs she once again promised to send me $250 as soon as her post issued her the reimbursement.

I wrote back saying that if I had misjudged her (Well. Sort of... She did do a big no-no with the shipping money and not being more attentive to communication even though she knew the package was astray.) and that she is going to do the honest thing and send me the reimbursement on her own accord then I'm willing to split the loss like Pony.Backpack suggested. She sends me $200 and we're both out 'only' $50. Would Baby Gusty turn up I will 'Gift' her the remaining $50 as, at the end of the day, it isn't her fault that the package is lost.

I don't want to reward bad decisions like hers, and technically I would also be out $$ on shipping she did not get which still doesn't sit right with me, but if I can finally put this ordeal behind me without making too many enemies and too large of a financial loss then I will be happy.

Of course I will continue to pester all companies involved to make sure my behind is as covered as possible in case what she is writing is just bullpoopoo, but I'm hoping that she will come through and do the honest thing. 
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Pony.Backpack on January 04, 2019, 10:08:23 PM
I'm so happy that she's compromised a bit!! Still the "best" of a bad situation but at least it's something ♥ I really hope the baby turns up eventually! Once I got a lost package about 6 months after when it was supposed to arrived so there's still a bit of hope there :)
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Ringlets on January 08, 2019, 01:37:56 PM
I've been following this transaction as you know, I just haven't posted until now.
I'm hoping that after all this your seller is going to keep her word and work with you to sort it out  :awake: . Have you heard anything since last time you posted? :what:
There is still a chance that the pony will turn up with one of you eventually too.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 08, 2019, 04:27:17 PM
I'm hoping that after all this your seller is going to keep her word and work with you to sort it out  :awake: . Have you heard anything since last time you posted? :what:

The seller and I have had some communication and the last I heard was this Friday where she e-mailed me saying she had been at her postoffice to turn in a complaint and have them try to locate the package. She sent pictures of the document they gave her and told me that it may take 2-3 weeks for this to yield a result in one way or another. (Either they manage to get the Swedish post to get their act together or they will admit that it is gone and give her the $150 reimbursement.) So right now all we can do with that is to wait.

I also got a reply to my message from Paypal and they told me that they would look in to why the case was ended the way it was considering their reason given for deciding in the sellers favor was that the package was delivered when it is in fact not. Something that can be seen on both the Swiss and Swedish posts sites. The person I messaged with agreed to that this sounded strange and would get back to me when they had looked in to this. (Not that it is needed anymore for them to do anything IF the seller works with me, but better to be safe than sorry and have Paypal standing at ready.)

My nagging-spree didn't end there :P (I can be really anoying when I want to be.... and when I don't want to be as well :lookround: ) I kept contacting the Swedish post where I finally got a hold of a guy who said something completely different than all the others I've spoken to >_< He said that a recipient could turn in a complaint and demand Postnord to refund them instead of the seller if there were special circumstances - such as that the seller wasn't co-operative. I would then have to fill out a form, add in it that the seller wasn't working with me, and they would have a 'specialist' look in to the case. There are still no gurantees with this method, he said, but it was something I could try if necessary. So there seems to be yet another potential solution if this seller would go back on her word.

After our latest conversations, though, I am getting the impression that she now is more willing to co-operate. Hopefully that continues :)

All I really want is for poor Baby Gusty to turn up safe and sound, though, but if the Swedish post has managed to screw up AGAIN then I at least want them to pay for it. For losing such a rare and beautiful pony :enraged:
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Ringlets on January 09, 2019, 12:28:11 PM
Thanks for the update Desert Rose .  I'm happy that the seller is working with you, but it's also good to know that you have more options with Swedish post and Paypal.  :bigups:
I'm still hoping your pony shows up . Royal Mail  messed up with a grail pony I bought some years back from another international member here , but thankfully my seller worked things out with me no problem - and after being lost for a few months in the post my pony did eventually get sent back to the seller. She posted it back to me and it arrived safely next time :)
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Desert Rose on January 10, 2019, 04:24:05 PM
It seems like the sellers trip to the Swiss post office did indeed pay off, and that the Swiss post finally managed to get the Swedish post to get their act together.

Because today, after three long months, Baby Gusty finally arrived! :newpony:

The Swedish post still had the gall to charge me $80 in customs and handling fees to collect her, and they will be hearing from me about that :pout: But that's another story.
The important thing is that she finally arrived safe and sound.

Should the Swedish post reimburse us for the hassle (as they have mentioned they would) then I offered the seller to split that money seeing as we both suffered from this. Hopefully that would be a nice ending to this nightmare that the Swedish post caused for both of us.

Either way the moral of this story is: If you're sending really valuable items to Sweden, do not use the regular post >_< 
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Strandperle on January 10, 2019, 04:30:37 PM
This is pretty good news! I read the whole thread and I did so hope that the pony would turn up. I am so relieved to read that you finally have your Baby Gusty in hands!
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Pony.Backpack on January 10, 2019, 05:39:43 PM
I'm so glad to hear that she arrived safely!!!! ♥♥♥ Thank you for keeping us updated!!
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: lovesbabysquirmy on January 10, 2019, 05:44:31 PM
I'm so glad you got your pony!!!!

But gah!  the seller should have not have behaved that way at all.  gift payment for an actual sale = NO. transportation costs to the post office = NO.  overcharge of shipping = NO.  didn't mail via the service paid for = NO. being difficult about a claim = NO.

Feel free to send me a PM with her Facebook info, etc. if you don't want to share publicly, but I do think a lot of people would like to avoid dealing with this person from the sounds of it.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Ringlets on January 11, 2019, 01:27:11 PM
That's awesome news about your pony!!!! :cheer:  :frolic:  :squee: :happy: :bigups:  :hug:  I'm really happy for you! :tackleglomp:   ... not so much about the ridiculous customs fees, especially after they messed up so bad in the first place  ( :facepalm:  ) , but still if you can get some compensation from Swedish Post, that would be fantastic!
Thanks so much for the update , and also *sigh of relief* for the happy ending to a stressful situation :)
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: Taffeta on January 11, 2019, 05:57:02 PM
So happy Baby Gusty arrived and so hope you get something from Swedish post for the hassle and the trouble...the cheek of the custom charge after all the annoyance!

Re the seller - I think it's right not to name them here but I hope very much that they've also taken stuff from this transaction. Just sending the pony doesn't make you a good trader. You have to be willing to go the extra mile and contact post offices or check information for your buyer in the case of a delay. You have to be willing to talk to your buyer about resolutions and most of all, you don't charge extra money for transport, food, anything other than postage. Ever. It is possible to charge for packaging materials so long as you are up front about it - but one of the biggest red flags for me with a seller is hiking shipping costs to get additional profit. If you tell the person the price is $10 and then charge $16 for shipping when in reality shipping is $6, what you are really doing is selling the item deceitfully for $20. If you want a higher sale price for your item, charge it. That's fine, it's the buyer's choice to pay it - but don't add it on to the shipping cost. It's not good practice.
Title: Re: The Nightmare Before (and After) Christmas
Post by: NightGliderSA on January 16, 2019, 10:40:17 AM
Wow, you most certainly earned your baby pony after all that!

If it makes you feel any better I have been waiting for a pony from America since August. It finally went through our customs in December. I don't have it yet as it's still at the sorting office according to tracking information. So, yes, know all about bad postal service.
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