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Wanted rules--please read!!


If you have multiple items you want (MLP or not), please use one post for everything.
 Do not make multiple posts for each individual thing.
 As a rule of thumb, you are allowed one post/page, so please wait until your first post drops or is no longer accurate before making a new post.
 See this thread for additional info:)
 ---Check the board for any of your posts before making a new one.  If you see one on the first page, edit it with what you were going to post. If someone bumped up an old post and you create a new one, it will still be considered making a multiple post. 
 If you create a new one then find an old post that someone bumped back up, edit the old post to say "closed" then pm me before I find it.
 To post on this forum, you must have made an introduction in the Introduction forum.
 Even though this forum can be used for your personal wants, no requests may be made for personal donations of any type. Please note that this policy is for the entire MLP Arena site.
 When personal donation requests are made it puts our members in an awkward position and usually has a negative impact on the MLP community.
 This rule has been in effect for a while and posted in the WYP board but as situations warrant this will be included here as well.
 Please remember to clearly state if you want to buy, trade or both in your post. Or if it's just an ongoing wishlist with no intentions to buy right now, please state that too. If you state your intentions in your thread, it may be smoother to complete the transaction visitors can't see pics , please register or login
 Please note that new rules may be added or existing ones updated without warning, so check back often.


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