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Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: May 22, 2024, 05:48:49 PM »
So sorry for the loss of your dog Ponyfan, it is never easy to say goodbye. :hug:

So you all remember the mirror drama I was having last month where I overpaid dramatically in the live auction and then got hit with a hefty shipping charge on top of everything else? Well the saga continues. Spoiler, it is a happy ending and I wanted to wait to post until everything was settled, but boy has this been a journey. :lol:

So the box arrived at my house about two weeks ago. It was massive….way bigger than I expected tbh. I was having some friends over later that evening so I left it out on my patio so the box wouldn’t be blocking their way. My friends came over and we were having a great time. As the night was winding down I offhandedly mentioned the mirror and told them the whole story. They really wanted to see it and offered to help me bring it in and unpackage it. I didn’t mind since I knew I’d probably need help with it anyway. We were having a conversation about how we never turn on the big lights in our homes and I said this was a big light occasion and we went to work unpackaging it, we were having a good time even though we were struggling to get it out of the box. As I was tugging on it I heard a horrible crack and was pretty sure I had just broken something……I told everyone to stop and sure enough part of the frame had snapped right off.

I was devastated of course, but the thing that really kind of bugged me was my friends immediately tried to say we didn’t break it and it must have came like that. Like no….I felt it break. I wasn’t ever going to blame them since I know they were just helping. I’m the one who felt it after all, so I’m sure it was me who put too much pressure on it, but the total lack of any sort of apology made the whole ordeal even more frustrating. Luckily, it was a clean break and I managed to patch it up with some Apoxie and get it back together.

In the week or so since I got the mirror and had it laying on the ground, I’ve had a horrible string of bad luck that has extended to my family too. I applied for a new job that I honestly felt I was well qualified for and got rejected without even an interview. A panel of my car absolutely exploded in the car wash and now a huge chunk of the back is exposed (the car wash offered no apology for this either btw!). My mom found out her department is being partially outsourced and she will have to either work undesirable hours or find a new position. Two of my parents cars have had serious mechanical issues, and one of them straight up is dead. I know it most likely is all a coincidence, but man, I was really starting to feel like I’d bought a nearly $500 curse. Me and my dad tried to hang it ourselves finally on Sunday, but even with the heaviest rated picture hangers it still didn’t feel secure.

I decided I needed to have a pro hang it. I figured I was already financially in pretty deep, so I may as well have someone do this right rather than risk anymore damage to the mirror. The first quote I got was from a company that hung another heavy picture for me once years ago, but their quote was over $250! I don’t remember paying them that much in the past and honestly this job was WAY easier than the last one, so I felt like that was not fair. Luckily I found a guy on thumbtack who only charged me $90 and he did a great job! The good news is he also does light and ceiling fan installations which are jobs I will need done soon, so now I at least have a contact for those jobs.

I think the curse is over. The Paradise Pier Mirror is officially in its new home with a prominent spot right on the main living area! Now that all the chaos has worn down, I think it was worth it. It looks so good and really opens up the room I think!
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Off Topic / Re: What's your weather like?
« on: April 18, 2024, 02:54:00 PM »
It was such a beautiful March here. Low to mid 70s throughout the month overall with lots of rain.

April is out for revenge though it seems! The past couple of weeks have had us in the low 90s, but looking at next weeks forecast we’re looking at possibly hitting 100 on Monday! :hot: Normally we don’t see our first 100 degree day here until around May, so looks like the heat is coming early. I’m not ready for it to be hot again….I love the cooler weather.

Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: April 12, 2024, 12:26:35 PM »
Thank you all for validating me in that is absolutely crazy for shipping! The quotes only got higher as more people got back to me so I was starting to think maybe I was unreasonable in my expectations! :blink: Good news is the shipping team emailed me back today and stated they would honor the original price they quoted me of the $250 or so. Even though I still think that is a lot, I feel like that’s a respectable compromise given the situation, and obviously I’m not going to be able to haggle for anything lower. I’m taking this as an expensive lesson learned - make sure to research a businesses’s shipping practices before buying! Beth3346, this all happened on Heritage Auctions. They’ve been around forever, but I am surprised they haven’t gotten more pushback on that shipping charge being subject to change. Even if you have a lot of money to burn I feel like bidders would want to know up front what to budget for the shipping.

Shockponie, I hope you can find a new job soon! I can’t believe your boss would make fun of a medical condition, that is so wildly unprofessional that I’m shocked this person even managed to get into management!

BlackCurtains, I hope they don’t raise the rent on you. I feel like unless your income were to change a lot since the last review it’s not fair to look at random PayPal payments here and there and say that qualifies as like, a steady income.

Pony Corral / Re: ~Out Now and Coming Soon ~
« on: April 11, 2024, 07:57:15 PM »
Wasn't sure if this should go in this thread (because it's new) or the BF thread (because it's retro), but I don't think these are made by Basic Fun so I guess I'll put it here?

Apparently these Starshine styling head thingies have been found at Five Below:

Anyone seen these? They're a bit weird for me, but it's nice seeing more retro stuff :)

OMG, I don’t normally care much for the stying heads, but this one is so unique that I am kind of obsessed! I actually really love the face shape, I think it’s pretty faithful to the newer “retro” art it’s emulating.

Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: April 11, 2024, 04:32:37 PM »
My dad’s friend that was hallucinating did finally go to the hospital last week. The determined it was because of alcohol withdrawals and they gave him some medicine to help manage the withdrawal symptoms. I hope he really is able to quit.

I’ve fallen into a nightmare of a financial situation that I feel completely hopeless on. There was an auction for some park used Disney memorabilia and I decided to bid on a few items. One of the items I bid on was a mirror that was used in one of the resorts my family always stayed at as kids. I really only wanted to bid a max of about $150, but because of the live bidding system, I accidentally bid way over that budget and won it at $240 instead. I swear there was a delay in showing what price the item had gotten up to, but IDK. After the initial sticker shock wore off I decided it was still a cool piece to own with sentimental value and figured I could make up for the extra money spent elsewhere.

Then I got the invoice. There was an additional $250 charge for shipping and handling. I mean, I knew it would be expensive to ship, but I never dreamed it would be the cost of the item itself! I emailed the sales department and asked if I could just pick the item up in person, as I had thought the auction house was in CA which isn’t an unmanageable drive. Nope. Not only was the item in TX instead of CA, but the $250 shipping charge was just an estimate and they figured shipping would actually be more than that. I was provided some third party shipping companies in the area I could get quotes through, but even the “cheapest” one is nearly $600 for shipping! :cry: I emailed the lady back and asked if I could please have their actual shipping cost so I could compare the quotes, but at this point I think I am completely screwed. I can’t afford to pay that much for a stupid mirror.

I know this is partially my fault for not being more careful when bidding and not researching shipping costs, but OMG who would have thought it would be that much!? I knew it was a bulkier item, but these prices are like what I’d expect for a dresser, not a decorative little mirror. I’m also really miffed that the invoice I was provided didn’t even have the right shipping cost. Was I just meant to pay that huge amount and get a surprise bill for another huge amount later?!

I’d really like to just withdraw my bid and be blacklisted, but I’m not sure THAT is even possible. The invoice said they would start charging me interest if I didn’t pay in a couple weeks and there is nothing I can find on their website about what happens if you refuse to pay/accept the item. I’m not sure what other recourse I’ll have if I can’t find a reasonable shipping cost. I don’t feel like I can dispute the charge since I did place the bid. I’m not sure if I have strong enough case with the shipping charge being unexpected since their website DOES say it’s an “estimated cost only”.

and……after typing this all out once, the whole page crash and never submitted my post. :pout: It’s not my day…..

Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: March 29, 2024, 01:11:02 AM »
One of our neighbors/family friends is having a mental health crisis and tbh I’m kind of appalled by the response we have gotten from our local authorities. This will probably be long…TW for hallucinations/self harm and drinking. Hopefully this isn’t too heavy for this thread.

My dad recently reconnected with his old friend who is our neighbor and the dad of one of my sister’s best friends. We’ve known the family forever and he’s always been a little bit of a party guy, but apparently he’s having a full fledged mid life crisis. He has my dad drive him to bars often, he forgets his car in the parking lots, and he’s busy picking up young women while he’s out drinking like crazy. He also claims he brings home “friends” from the bar and they continue to party into the night some nights. My dad doesn’t really like spending time with him since he is so irresponsible and has tried to limit their interactions to getting him food or bringing him places. His friend however gets so drunk that he THINKS my dad has spent the entire night with him.

Yesterday, he called my dad in a panic and said there was an “intruder alert” and that he saw a hand that was bleeding. He thought maybe he had cut it. He said he needed my dad’s help and asked him to come over. We obviously told him to call the police because like hello! We aren’t equipped to handle an intruder! My dad was still determined to go over and check on him, but thankfully we got him to wait until the police got there. The police got there and…there was no one in the house. They asked if his friend had any mental health issues but my dad said he didn’t think so. The guy claims he has celiac disease and that somehow causes him to hallucinate sometimes. I looked it up and I guess that’s a thing…..but I got the impression it was pretty rare so idk if I am buying that. Anyway he was completely freaked out and asked my dad to stay with him, but we were going to a concert so we couldn’t. The police left him with no resources. My mom contacted his ex-wife since we were worried about his mental state to see if she knew someone who could stay with him. She also mentioned that he actually did have a history of hallucinations and said it was probably best if we weren’t around.

My sister texted her friend and she said he actually had a similar spell just a few months ago where he called the police thinking someone was in his home. They found him hiding in his tub with a gun. Luckily, they took his gun away, but the daughter confirmed he now had a switchblade. She said that he had told her that he saw the arm and was slicing at his couch where he thought it was, so it really seemed like he could be a danger to himself. He texted us later during the concert to say some friends came over and he felt safe, so we thought that we could at least leave him be for the night.

Nope. Today my dad followed up with him to see if he was doing okay and remembered anything. Turns out no one actually came over last night and he didn’t sleep at all. He also was crying and said he got a phone call from his mom saying she didn’t have much time. Problem is, his mom is in a nursing home and can’t talk, so we knew something was still up. My dad brought him some water and Gatorade and said he seemed really distraught. He was worried he might hurt himself, and the way he was talking about his conversation with his mom it seemed like it might be an end of life goodbye type of deal. His daughter decided she should go out to see him and try to convince him to go to a hospital. She contacted the police who responded to him yesterday to see if they could go with her since she was scared, but they said since he wasn’t actively a threat they could not help. We called the non emergency line as well and tried to emphasize that like, this guy is hallucinating he is not safe alone! But the police said they could send out a crisis unit in about 30 minutes and that was it.

We ended up going with his daughter to try and back her up. I haven’t seen this guy since I was a kid, so I felt weird tagging along, but I didn’t want to be home alone while everything went down. The guy seemed exhausted and out of it. He was drinking a beer when we got there. What was crazy though is he was ACTIVELY hallucinating while we were there. He thought he saw a pizza delivery man twice and was talking to him. He told us he had 8 friends from the bar over, but no one was there. He thought water was dripping from his ceiling onto his skin, but nothing was there. He would come in and out of it. Like he’d joke about hallucinating, but then tell us he saw something that wasn’t there in all sincerity. The crisis workers finally showed up after about 30 minutes as promised, but they were just volunteers and couldn’t do much. They tried to interview him, but he refused to talk to them because he admitted he wasn’t in his right state if mind and this wasn’t a fair judgement of him. They spoke with his daughter too, but they ultimately decided they couldn’t force him to go to the hospital and left.

His daughter pleaded with him to seek some sort if help, just for his “celiac” if nothing else, but he refused. His excuse was he was pretty sure his mom was going to die tonight and he didn’t want to miss that call. His daughter was smart and asked to see the call records because she wasn’t convinced they had talked either. There was no trace of him calling her nursing home. His fighter called the nursing home to ask if her grandma was okay and if she had tried to make any calls today. The lady at the desk said no, everything was fine with the grandma and actually her dad had called earlier, but to ask if he called before that!! I guess he forgot that call. We finally had to leave once it was getting late, it was clear we weren’t going to convince him to go anywhere.

I feel bad for his daughter, she really tried. I know you can’t force someone to get help, but I genuinely don’t understand why he wasn’t deemed a threat to himself. He has had his gun confiscated for a similar incident. He has a switchblade that he obviously was swinging around at imaginary people. He’s having full fledged conversations with people that aren’t there. His arms are covered in sores….he says that from his celiac too but idk. His house is also kind of falling apart. It’s loaded with junk and there is a hole in the ceiling from a leak that happened a while back. He has a Christmas tree still upstairs because he struggles to make it to the upper level of his house by himself. I feel like he is at a tipping point, I wish there were other resources for him to maybe try and help in the interim? Luckily we live close, so we promised his daughter we’d try and stay in touch for the next few days to let her know if things start to improve.

Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: March 07, 2024, 02:32:49 AM »
Omg that seems crazy hot for this time of the year BC! I don’t think even here in AZ we’ve gotten above 85 this year yet…but I could be wrong. It’s actually going to be really cold for this time of year tomorrow, just a high of 62 degrees!

I’ve had a really poor past couple days. Last night my back started to hurt really badly and I couldn’t get comfortable no matter how I laid in my bed. Usually taking Tylenol helps, but unfortunately my Tylenol had expired, so I got no relief and no sleep. I finally ordered some off Instacart at like 7 am when the store opened just to try and get a little sleep before I had to wake up to go into the office for work. Thankfully my shopper wa really quick, so I did get a couple hours to sleep.

When I went into the office I felt pretty poor from not getting enough sleep to begin with, but then I also woke up with a scratchy throat and a runny nose. I’ve had relief from my allergies for a few months now, but they must finally be back. The drainage gave me a headache and having the dry throat made taking back to back calls yesterday that much more draining.

Tonight I went to change out my earrings and my ears started bleeding AGAIN. This is like the 4th time that’s happened in the past couple months now? My piercer had told me not to worry about it as long as my ears weren’t swollen or puffy which they aren’t, but I still feel like they aren’t healing right. I’m going on 5 months since they’ve been pierced at this point. Tonight was different too because I felt like I really had to force the earring through the holes. Usually they at least slide right through despite the bleeding. My left ear is sore like it got pierced all over again now.

I’m honestly at my wits end with these piercings. Like, little kids get their ears pierced all the time and probably don’t take the after care as seriously as I have, so why is this such a struggle?? I’ve tried so many different things. I’ve tried using only high quality metals. I’ve tried switching them out less often. I’ve tried different backings. I’ve tried switching them out MORE often in case leaving them in too long is bad. I’m still using the cleaning solution on them daily and every time I change earrings. I really don’t know what’s causing the bleeding, there seems to be no real pattern. Sometimes I can switch them out with absolutely 0 issue at all. I think my biggest frustration is the overall lack of concern/advice from my piercer. Anytime I bring up the bleeding they tell me they are probably still healing and I’ve just irritated the wound. Okay yes but, how can I STOP irritating them? They never tell me how long I should leave my earrings in after the bleeding or anything like that. They never check to see if my earrings are even a good quality. I always just kind of guess. I might honestly just see if I can find another piercer in my area for a second opinion at this point.

And now I’m up way past when I should be because I’m upset about everything that’s gone wrong. I’m hoping work today won’t be as busy and it’ll take my mind off everything. We are having a pie party so at least that should be fun. :)

Yay I’m happy you like the card HoM! :) That pony in the background of the concert is definitely me when I’m waiting for a show to start! :lol: standing around for a few hours definitely drains me, so that is what inspired that pony haha

Aww HoM did a great job! How cute!

Here is my card from Griffin! It features my two OCs, and I couldn’t love it more! :) To answer you, you’ve not yet made a card like this for me haha! :lol: I always love the way you draw my OCs, you capture them so perfectly!

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Customs / Re: A Very 90s Dolphin Girl Pony...Meet Spyhopper!
« on: February 12, 2024, 10:10:44 PM »
She turned out so amazing!! I remember the dolphin craze and though I didn’t get super into it, dolphins do still make me nostalgic! You nailed the colors and everything just perfectly! The glow in the dark symbol is the perfect touch that just makes her that much more 90s! :lol:

Pony Corral / Re: What Became of Kimono's Townhouse?
« on: February 12, 2024, 10:07:36 PM »
OMG both Kimono’s Townhouse and Death by Pink were both such big influences on my collecting! I’m not nearly ask skilled as the creators of those two comics, but I definitely have a small hoard of miniatures and play sets for pony photography because of those comics! :) Every now and then I’ll run across Kimono’s Townhouse being posted on Tumblr and seeing the pages makes me so happy!

Law my memory is a little foggy, but I think Death by Pink was about an evil Pinkie Pie hahaha! :lol: I remember it was done with Ponyville ponies and that the ponies expressions would be edited digitally so they could be more expressive…..I remember some of them being pretty funny!

Pony Corral / Re: Weird experiences with other generations as a kid
« on: February 12, 2024, 10:02:57 PM »
I grew up with G3 and I don’t remember how exactly I stumbled onto G1 ponies, but I actually didn’t like them at first! :lol: I really don’t know WHY since they aren’t all that different from G3 in hindsight, but I guess they were just different enough that it seemed wrong to me. Then I stumbled onto the G1 baby ponies and Aikarin’s custom ponies and got converted pretty quick. :P I also remember finding the G1 cartoons at Toys r Us on DVD and loving the cartoons! Even though the animation was a lil janky, I remember being excited by the more intense story lines compared to G3.

Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: February 12, 2024, 09:56:39 PM »
On my gosh lovesbabysquirmy, what an awful day! I am so sorry you are having to deal with so much emotionally right now. Losing a pet is always difficult, and to have a loved one going through surgery is always nerve wracking. May Bearie rest in peace and I am sending good thoughts your way for the surgery! I’m sure everything will go well!

I had a frustrating day all around. My water heater finally died this weekend and caused a huge leak. The unit is out in my storage shed, so thankfully most of the water damage is outside and should just dry out. All of the stuff in my shed sits on shelves, so thankfully nothing was ruined either. There was some water in my closet that shares a wall with the shed, but the walls didn’t feel soggy and minus one piece on the vinyl starting to lift the floor looks okay too. It could have been much, much worse.

Anyway, I didn’t even try and call around yesterday because I figured the rates would be higher with the Super Bowl. I started calling around for quotes today and man, I know these places are probably busy but the sporadic communication has been a nightmare. The first company I contacted was super quick to offer to come out and do the work, but when I asked for a quote first they basically went radio silent. They said a supervisor would call me back, but after 3 hours nothing. I called again in case they forgot me and was told the supervisor works in the field too and he was on a call, they couldn’t tell me when he would call back. I finally just cancelled the whole thing after about 7 hours of nothing. While waiting for them I started calling other companies and they didn’t even answer the phone.

Later in the day I started getting calls back on my voicemails. One company gave me a decent quote and called back pretty quick, so I booked them off the bat out of panic since I wasn’t having much luck elsewhere. They said they would come tomorrow morning, but never gave me a set time. Not long after that, another independent contractor, who was supposed to be on vacation actually was the only other one to call back and said although he couldn’t do the work, he could recommend other plumbers in his price range, which was about $500 cheaper than the people I booked with. The second guy seemed promising and said he probably couldn’t get me in tomorrow, but would try for Wednesday. He said he’d text me back to confirm, but I never got anything back from him. I ended up canceling the more expensive company because I’d rather wait for the savings, but now I’m having second thoughts… I’ve spent all of my day off on the phone. I WORK in a call center, this isn’t how I wanted to spend my day off! >_<

In the middle of all of this chaos I was attempting to swap out my earrings and my flipping ear started bleeding! It’s been like 4 months since I got them pierced so I was concerned to see blood at this point. I ran over to the place where I got them pierced and told them what happened, but thankfully the guy took a look at my ears and said they looked healthy and that I probably just irritated it. I did have to really tug at the backs of my other earrings to get them out, so I suppose that’s possible. I’m just bummed out that my ears still aren’t all the way healed and I can’t change out my earrings easily. The guy told me some people’s ears can take up to a year to really heal. I’m starting to think I may be one of those lucky people. :(

Off Topic / Re: Cool Rock/Gemstone Thread
« on: February 12, 2024, 09:35:06 PM »
Thank you all! :biggrin: I finished off another batch, but I tried a new polish which did not work at all. :( I’ve got another batch starting right now and I figure I may just try and throw the last batch through the polish stage again with my normal polish. I found out my friend really likes rock hunting too so this latest batch is from a spot she recommended. I got a lot of quartz looking stones, so I hope they turn out okay!

You have a wonderful collection! I'm sorry to hear about your rock tumbler. I have a small collection somewhere, but I have no clue where the majority of them are. All I have around is a rough amethyst, which, unfortunately, has a unicorn sitting on top of it. I could possibly remove it, but I'm worried that I may do damage to the quartz in the process.

I personally favour rough ores and minerals over smooth ones; I am primarily interested in a more natural state, seeing precisely how they would appear in nature (or as close as possible). I certainly do like smooth gemstones, though—they are absolutely beautiful and far more pleasant to hold. It's just that I like ores and minerals more because they're fascinating little pieces of nature that just happen to often be very pretty, sort of similar to how one may see fossils, I suppose.

I totally get where you are coming from! The raw stones can be just as beautiful as the tumbled rocks, and if I’m being honest I’ve definitely had a few that I wish I would have kept as is. Sometimes the rocks can lose their character through the tumbling process.

Nairamu, yes that is exactly it! I always have my eyes glued to the ground and living in the desert, it’s not hard to stumble upon rock rich areas! :lol:

Customs / Re: Do This in Your Style Challenge! - Returning for 2024
« on: January 22, 2024, 10:35:22 PM »
I’m going to do my best to participate again! I had a lot of fun with this last time! :)

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