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Introductions / New Fellow Collector Here
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:39:22 PM »
Hello, I'm Mochanut! Soon 21 years old brony from Finland. I'm attending to school to get a profession, I'll be a cleaner. My partner also likes ponies and lots of nerdy stuff such as me, another important person is my cat Freddy who lives with my mum.

I've been collecting since Dec 2019, so my collection is still small but growing.
Mainly I collect G1 ponies, because they happen to be the prettiest in my opinion. But I collect other generations as well, there's always something I like in every generation.

I think what made me collect was the nostalgia, I didn't have many ponies as a kid so I felt the newborn love towards design of ponies. They make me happy 💛

Probably my all time favourites from my collection are Pinkie Pies, G1 Starlight, Birthflower Daffodil (alternate color) and Baby Lollipop.

Thank you for letting me into this awesome community!

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