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Customs / Re: Doll Hair Guide for Customs
« on: June 22, 2019, 05:56:41 AM »
Hi I'm just being to think about doing customs, I haven't been able to find the answer to this question, how would I remove the name head from a head?, for a full rehair situation
Thank you in advance for your reply, :)
send me a PM and I explain :)

Pony Corral / Re: Rare ponies on eBay?
« on: March 18, 2019, 01:47:23 AM »

The seller made it clear to me that he was willing to ship internationally and that he was going to turn off GSP on the next round of auctions in order to do so without the risk of damage to the items. That's what he told me.

I am not personally a fan of own country only shipping but at the end of the day it's the seller's profit that gets the hit, so it's not really my problem. So long as it isn't coupled with the excuse that "foreigners are bad", which so commonly comes up as an excuse, it's really too much bother to concern over.

What I was suggesting was that he didn't know how to turn on normal shipping options since GSP I think is default often on US auctions. And of course international people will still be able to bid because you can't shut off your items from being seen, even if you don't want to ship overseas. Like I said before, it is literally a matter of changing the url.
OIC, Well I'm glad he is willing to ship internationally for our fans...

For me personally it is most certainly not a matter of having an attitude of "foreign people are bad" (I have plenty of overseas friends whom I will and have shipped for), Its the hassle of customs forms, the prohibitive cost and the time wasters. For example, when I have agreed to ship overseas in the past, gone to the trouble of getting a quote, only to come back with the rate and get told "nevermind" or simply not get paid. There's just too many factors that make it not worth my time and trouble.  Couple that with what is arguably a much worse service overall (USPS after all is not known for its cooperative attitude in my experience) compared to the services available overseas, and its an easier decision to exclude, rather than open a can of proverbial worms...This is just my experience and opinion though....

I think this is probably a discussion for another thread, but basically everything you just said is what offends me about US only shipping.

I never understand why some US sellers believe they have to go through more hassle than anyone overseas does shipping internationally. We do all the same things, plus currency conversion as well. USPS is no more complicated or more unreliable than Royal Mail is, either. I mean, USPS has sent my ponies to Bangladesh before, and Royal Mail has sent them to China, so I'd say they're about the same really.

Also, as buyers, we pay the high shipping costs and the custom fees, so they're our problem, not yours. (Unless you falsify the custom form, of course, which is never advisable).

 I can't imagine you think we never have timewasters for whom we get a quote and then they vanish? I'm sure you don't. And the most trouble I've had over the years, buying and selling, has been with the US. But I tend to assume that's because I have done SO MANY transactions with the US that you're going to get some bad ones. So I just ignore it and move on.

If I do something terrible as a buyer, I expect to be slighted for it. But I don't expect to be slighted because someone in France or Spain or Italy (not even my country!) did something annoying two years ago :/

If someone told you they wouldn't ship to you because they had some hassle calculating shipping to someone in Canada or Mexico you'd probably be aggrieved.

We've ALL had bad experiences at some point but it's way better to judge on behaviour of the individual and not generalise on location.

Next time you buy from overseas, stop and think about the hassle to which your seller is going. You know you're not a timewaster (and so do I!), so you probably assume it's all fine and doesn't count. But the thing is, I also know I'm not a timewaster. I have 20 years of ebay feedback and also feedback here that proves it. Yet some people choose not to ship to me because of my location, not because of my reputation as a buyer, because people like me are 'hassle'.

You wouldn't want to be treated like that...but that's how it is for the rest of us when a seller decides all foreign people are not worth going the extra mile for because one was a waste of time.

So yeah. If you don't want to ship internationally then just don't do it. It's absolutely your choice where you ship to. Just don't make it about overseas hassle and past timewasters, because that's offensive. As a buyer it's easier to accept a US only seller who just doesn't want to ship overseas, rather than one who's blaming all of us for the actions of a few.
Well said. I get why some people don't want to buy from overseas and it is just a matter of costs. Used to pay less for shipping  if the pony stays in the country. As it has been said if there was not for us sellers and Canadian ones my collection would be very tiny. I had to send a pony this week to the US, fill forms and pay the shipment and it was a bummer yes. But I do it happy because I know the pony I sold is going to a good home. And it is not the first time I have sent ponies to the US. Then again eBay is not very easy with all the procedures for listing. And unless you make a draft to use all the time it can be time wasting. I get that if you list 30 ponies it can consume a lot of time. I did it and it was booooooring. Anyways. Those ponies are great but wayyyyy out of my reach.

Pony Corral / Re: Rare ponies on eBay?
« on: March 11, 2019, 11:35:44 AM »
I love the last 5 sec bids. And I don't cry if I lose them cause I always bid at that moment the maximum amount I consider the pony costs. So if I lose it is just fair for me. But I reckon that it has saved me a lot of money. That is a great advice.

Pony Corral / Re: Rare ponies on eBay?
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:16:09 AM »
This auction is going off crazy. Some prices are just absurd... Then again I suspect some people are willing to pay 1800 a pony. But still it is kinda weird.

Pony Corral / Re: Rare ponies on eBay?
« on: March 06, 2019, 02:06:41 PM »
How amazing is this. Still on eBay most of the ponies are already gone for crazy prizes. Maybe in some time it will make them go down. In the pictures you can see sooooo many of them.

Pony Corral / Re: What do you wanna see in the G5 toy line?
« on: March 01, 2019, 03:53:44 AM »
I'm going to go for a really low bar here and just say make the toys good quality again.  No gross matted hair or cheap plastic!

I just bought my first G4 brushable (Trixie Lulamoon glitter design) and oy vey, I see what they mean by terrible hair straight out of the box.  :blink: :shocked: :pout:

The hair can be so mind mindbogglingly bad for something that is supposedly a "brushable" toy.  Especially the tails... *shudder*
tails are the worst and even more because they can't be fixed as easily as in G1s

Pony Corral / Re: What do you wanna see in the G5 toy line?
« on: February 26, 2019, 03:56:46 PM »
I would go for. 3rd row...
So from what I read they will be even more girly... Apparently we will never get proper boy ponies at all. I mean G1 did some attempt but only earth ponies. Considering us boys as lame since we had no Pegasi nor unicorns.

In the UK, the unicorn newborn twin Sniffles is a boy. So there's one :)
I didn't know that. As for Italian Gusty is supposed to be a boy too lol.

Pony Corral / Re: Do your scented ponies still have their scent?
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:44:18 AM »
The scented G1 I have which are second hand still have their scent. Some more than others. But you can tell.

Pony Corral / Re: Original G1 smells & G1 Retro smells
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:52:41 AM »
Coco Berry was my fav. And when I bought her back her scent brought back so many memories... I really like it tho l agree she has a very powerful scent. Strawberry Jam also was mine as kid. She still smells tho I remember that Boysenberry Pie lost hers very fast... And the ones I bought don't have any left.

Pony Corral / Re: What do you wanna see in the G5 toy line?
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:46:20 AM »
I would go for. 3rd row...
So from what I read they will be even more girly... Apparently we will never get proper boy ponies at all. I mean G1 did some attempt but only earth ponies. Considering us boys as lame since we had no Pegasi nor unicorns. G4 tried it but in toys we had almost nothing. I like the G4.5 concept with male ponies. Although only 4 came out. The All About Soarin model is great. Wings can move. That is cool. But still so poor effort to include male ponies.... It is a shame since we are talking 2020 not 1800 anymore... Boys also can play with colorful toys.
Regarding quality. I agree with what have been said. Please make the hair last a bit after opening the box... We don't want to have to rehair or use products on them when they are still mint.

Pony Corral / Re: Unpopular Pony Opinions
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:26:21 AM »
Hasbro largely ignoring G2 makes sense to me from a business point of view as it bombed in the US, but as a European fan who was a tween when they came out I feel like all gens should be considered for nostalgia bait. Euros supported your crap when the USians didn't, Hasbro. Do something for us.

Guess my unpopular opinion is just being mopey about not getting pandered to enough. Make Ivy the lead in G5 :P

Hasbro largely ignoring the rest of the world when it comes to releases, exclusives and timelines of production is a bugbear of mine generally. Not that I want to see regional exclusives make a return in this day and age, but I would like to see regional packaging designs again, rather than generic and frankly boring packaging that we've seen these past couple of generations.

And as Zapper said, G2 had a strong presence in Europe. Being dominant in the US shouldn't be the criteria that decides what is and isn't remembered as not everywhere had the same childhood memories...BUT Hasbro is a US company, so good luck with that. ;)
In Spain we feel like we don't exist. Not only with the re-release cause here it is impossible to get them but even current releases don't come here until it is all done. And thinking we even had our own manufactured ponies... Shame!

For Sale - For Auction / G1 and G4 ponies for sale/trade From Spain
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:14:54 AM »
Hello guys.
I have been absent for a long time in here and since ebay and Instagram don't sell as expected and I want to rehome these ponies I will give it a try. Tho most of them are listed on ebay if you don't want to bid but buy them through here directly you can by telling me and I take them off from there.
You can use the ebay site for shipping info or to see the pictures and listing. Tho here will be the actual list of current ponies on sale.
Please feel free to ask for more info.

G1 ponies:
Ss Shady with flocking
Italian Blossom with bad hair cut and few removable stains.

G4 brushables:
Holly Dash with a bit of dry tail
Poseable Pinkie Pie, nice condition
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie. Nice condition
MIB Fashion and Style Fluttershy Sea Pony unsealed
MIB Rarity unsealed
Reboot Twilight Sparkle almost mint
Princess Celestia Flutter Wings with dry tail
Dewdrop Dazzle almost mint
Sweetie Swirl almost mint=>SOLD
Helia almost mint
Fluttershy Cutie Mark Wings missing some charms
Cheerilee cutie mark almost mint

I will update this list.

I feel the same, if you do international sales please tell us.

Pony Corral / Re: New 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies Spotted! Pics!
« on: April 04, 2018, 06:20:24 AM »
I wondered if that was the case Lady Moondancer.

Value Added Tax (VAT) can be different in each European country, for each nation it depends on what percentage the national government has decided upon (it's 20% for most VAT-rated things in UK at present). Retail shelf prices in stores usually include the tax.
Actually it is all about taxes. I know that the main issue here in Europe with foreign good is the VAY they paid for getting it. In the EU it is up de 21% in most countries because it isn’t a first necessity good. Whilst in non EU countries that same product would be at 4% or 7% if it is considered luxury (like l have seen in Switzerland). This is why we have customs taxes. It is unfair but it is probably why they get more expensive in Europe than in the US.

Pony Corral / Re: New 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies Spotted! Pics!
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:01:33 AM »
Things don’t cost the same price in all the eurozone, that is well known. Postages are not the same, rents are not the same, wages also, so l guess it is normal they don’t cost the same everywhere. And for those who find a new pony just manufactured more expensive than an old one, well it is easy: ebay and other sales platforms exist, you can always buy an old one. This is what l may do with the collector ponies since it seems that ppl that resell them just want to make business out of it. Seriously 25$ a 35th anniversary pony? Good luck selling them!

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