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Off Topic / Small Flea Market Finds Post
« on: May 18, 2024, 07:09:34 PM »
I went to a flea market this morning. I did not find any ponies, that is why I am posting in the off topic area today.

I found some small Boomerang Mc Donalds toys today, $1.00 each. I bought all three that the gal had. I took a short walk around, didn't see much. I bought one of those slug fidget toys that make the weird crackling sound when you move it. It gives me slight tingles when I make the noise with it.

Here is the photo:

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: May 18, 2024, 07:05:09 PM »
I did not work last week, I had a swim meet with Special Olympics last Saturday and won all four of my races I did!

I do have today's blog tho!

Today was slow but I got through it. I was early to work because I tried doing a Garage sale and failed. No one bought anything, so I took what no one bought with me to work and donated it. After that, I went in and walked around for about 20 minutes and looked at the books since I never have time with my normal 10 minutes. I found 5 different mlp books, and told myself that if they were still there after 4pm, I would buy them. They were still there so I bought them along with a smaller fox squishmallow. A co-worker, Greg, gave me a couple of York mints before I started greeting today because why not. He is an older guy, not like 40 I would say. I saw a couple of people I recognized today. At the end, I was able to hold the stores' cat, Kiera!!!! I was so happy! She was content in my arms and I made sure she was ok with me holding her. After that, I was dismissed to leave and went home.

Here is the photo of the items I purchased on my break today:

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus\'s Job Thread
« on: May 06, 2024, 03:52:07 PM »
I'm sorry your manager called you into her office :hug: That never feels good. I can't tell you how many times my manager had to talk to me about something on my first job. Don't give up! :hug:
I was super nervous on what I had done wrong. We chatted about everything and to was resolved.

Post Merge: May 06, 2024, 03:54:47 PM

Here was Saturday:

Saturday, May 4th, 2024

I answered the phone a few times during my shift. I greeted people today. I finally got the courage to welcome people in today, and most people thanked me for doing that. It was more quiet towards the end of my shift. I drove myself home after I was done.

You have the :muffin: Pony plush!!!! I'm jealous...  :blush:

Arts & Crafts Corral / Re: What are you working on?
« on: April 28, 2024, 05:56:39 PM »
For me, I am working on my MLP collection. I still have to get a binder and tabs for separating the ponies and merch. I have not gone to the store yet, but I keep wanting to. It is a big project.

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus\\\\\\\'s Job Thread
« on: April 28, 2024, 05:46:21 PM »
Aw, that was so nice of your family to acknowledge your hard work :)

That's a good rule to have for ponies you find. Congrats on the DVD! I've never seen Spirit.
yeah. I was embarrassed and confused at the same time. I would recommend the movie to watch sometime! eBay might have some to look into!

Post Merge: April 28, 2024, 05:46:44 PM

Awww your family must be so proud of you xxx
Assuming they were at the time..

Post Merge: April 28, 2024, 05:47:19 PM

oooh sounds like it's a fun job :)  I would love to volunteer at our local charity shop but alas... no time...
It is fun, if I make it fun. There are some boring parts too.

Post Merge: April 28, 2024, 05:55:00 PM

Here was yesterday:

Saturday, April 28th, 2024:

I did the usuals. I was about to go on my break, when my manager stopped me and invited me back to her office. We chatted about something that happened 2 Saturdays ago. I don't want to get into it. I asked her about possible summer hours and she said probably not. The only thing she told me was maybe a 3-6pm shift in the week. I wrote down some things I have to practice on for the next evaluation. I'm deciding whether or not to stay here or find somewhere else to go. I have a couple places I want to look into for summer jobs.

After the talk, I went on break and lost the energy to dig under bags in the toy area, so I just went back to my station and finished my shift and left when I was done. The toy area could seriously use some organizing. It is just so messy with the bags of assorted toys.

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: April 23, 2024, 05:39:42 PM »
I meant to put a reply Saturday night. I was so tired from driving myself to and from work. Here is what I remember from Saturday:

Saturday, April 20th, 2024

I answered the phone a bit today. The usual rush on Saturday is after 3pm. I went on break at 4. I saw a mlp the movie AJ figurine in a bag. I almost bought it, but it was the only pony in the bag that was hasbro licensed. It was $7 too. I have a new rule where if it is only a mlp and several fake ponies or not ponies, then I leave it. Plus, I just washed one of that pony last week.

I did find a Spirit: Stallion of The Cimarron dvd! I have the vhs version as well. For the vhs, I have to rewind it and that takes about 20 minutes. The dvd however, takes 20 less minutes and I can just watch it straight away. I think I did pretty good!

After I closed up, I drove home. We had some family over for dinner, so when I was walking up to the door, I was greeted with applause from my parents and family. I was literally so surprised, I was a bit embarrassed.

Off Topic / Re: I Need Some Personal Opinions for My Pony Collection
« on: April 23, 2024, 05:27:15 PM »
I think some sort of an inventory or checklist is a good idea for someone actively collecting - but which format to choose depends on your needs. I'm very much a notebook person, but I've always kept lists of my collection on my computer (Word or Excel files). I'm not very good at remembering backups, though, and have lost my files previously... It's not fun to start listing them again from scratch! ^^; Something like Google docs/sheets would probably be a better idea. But because I'm not a very active collector, and I rarely sell anything, a notebook might actually work very well for my needs. Thanks for the idea!  :P

Here are some features of each format that I can think of:

Electric (files offline or in cloud)
- Easy to edit, you will never run out of space
- Easily copy & paste to create wishlists
- Excel and similar spreadsheet options: you can have a 'book' with separate sheets for different collections (e.g. by generation, accessories, merch...) and can include information in columns --> easy to sort (let's say you include the date of acquisition in one column, so you can sort by this column and instantly know how many ponies you added to your collection this year, for example).
-  If you don't want to track any other information about your items except list what you have, a regular text file should work just fine (you can create headings for different sections for easy navigation).
- Backups needed if working offline --> need to develop a system to make sure info is up to date

Notebook (paper)
- Requires a system of organisation to easily find information --> I suggest adopting some of the bullet journal type methods, e.g. using page numbers and a table of contents / index
- Two different notebooks for ponies and merch?
- Perhaps not ideal for someone whose collection frequently changes (lots of purchases and sales) but would work for a less active collector or someone like me who mainly adds to their collection, slowly
- If you want to ensure you won't run out of space, maybe a checklist type of solution --> list all the ponies in the set and mark the ones you have (writing them all down is a lot of work, though!)
- Could also look into a folder or some other solution where you can add pages and move them around

I suppose the ultimate question to ask yourself is: What do I need to know about my collection? When and how do I need to access my lists?
For me, the main purpose of making lists is to a) avoid accidentally buying doubles, b) getting the satisfaction of seeing sets completed. :D The last time I started over, I also began to include information such as where I got the pony from and how much I paid for it - the latter so that it would be easier to see how prices fluctuate over the years. But now I've switched laptops again and I'm not sure if I have a copy of my spreadsheet anymore...

Wow! This is super useful! Thank you!  :heart:

Post Merge: April 23, 2024, 05:28:37 PM

I love notebooks, but I know your dilemma of running out of space/not knowing how many pages to save before starting a new section etc.

How about a binder with index tabs? That way you'd have an index at the start, and you can move pages, add pages and sections, remove stuff you don't like etc. hat's what I would do, probably :)

eta: and if you're worried about writing an index in case you have to move things, I would suggest writing on washi tape (which is removable) or laminating the index page and writing with marker you can wipe off!  :art:

Actually, this is super! I do not have any tabs for binders anymore, I might need to buy some! And find a big enough binder.  :lookround:

Off Topic / I Need Some Personal Opinions for My Pony Collection
« on: April 18, 2024, 04:45:57 PM »
Here is my situation:

I re-did my MLP Notebook this week since I felt the need to.

Now I feel like it is not necessary.

I have a notebook with my ponies I have collected over the years written down in it.

I finished the brushable hair ponies sections this week. (G1 to G5).

My next section is the clothing, blankets, socks, jewelry, etc.

I really am overwhelmed on this.

I really cannot decide if I need/want the notebook for both things. (ponies and merchandise).

I want to convert everything to places I can access, but not online too. (notebook).

I feel as if the notebook is ridiculous for the ponies, and I should make it just for the non ponies since I am almost out of space in some sections for the ponies I add to the notebook sections for a page. I hate having OCD...

I have my mlp sites saved in bookmarks on my MacBook. MLP Merch, My Little Wiki. I use those for my pony collecting.

This is what I am dealing with for now. If anyone can give me their opinions, that would be helpful. I really want to get a system down soon.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope to get assistance soon!

An arrangement with another collector in the area? Does that mean the owner tells the person about new ponies that come in from being donated?  :huh:

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: April 10, 2024, 05:06:30 PM »
Thank you for replying everyone! I'll get to people when I can. School is so busy and I am focusing on my work in class more. I got my finds logged in to my MLP Merch page and my notebook. I should make sure stuff is accurate lol...

i'm glad things are going well at the job :) and driving too
Learning to drive on my own is a huge step for me. I find it alright, just really anxious about the people with more experience than me. And the idiotic drivers too.

Hope all goes well wi the driving, & cute find xxx
Yeah, I hope so too!

very cool find, congrats!
Thank you! I just took them out earlier. Got them in my MLP Merch page!

Great finds! Awesome about the driving :D
Thank you! Driving is scuff a bit for me.

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: March 30, 2024, 07:04:45 PM »
Oh boy do I have a good find for ponies today...

Today was chill. It felt like it flew by. I answered the phone about 6 times. I found ponies on my break. In the middle of my shift, I felt a headache/small migraine coming on. I knew about the pain relieving pills we have in the break room so I took a couple Ibuprofen. It has helped... just took a while to settle in.

I drove myself to work today!!! Well, my dad drove in front of me and I followed. But still, I am learning to drive independently and I really liked it. I'll see how next week goes.


The ponies in the larger bags, I kept in my work locker. They are the MLP Movie figurines from Target. I got a whole mane 6 set in one bag, and a few in another with G3 Amberlocks!

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: March 26, 2024, 03:23:55 PM »
Good to hear things are still going well :)
Yeah! oh, I got my Bluey storage thing! I volunteered with my schools work based learning class and I was able to grab it out of my locker today!

Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: March 23, 2024, 06:57:37 PM »
Today was good. I answered the phone 4 times. I went on break at about 3:15 pm and found myself a 8 inch Rarity tinsel hair and a "Sunny Starscout's Book of Adventure". I also bought a Bluey storage thing, but left it in my locker at work since I didn't want to carry it home lol. I'll probably get it around June or something.


Off Topic / Re: Rainlove The Pegasus's Job Thread
« on: March 16, 2024, 06:52:20 PM »
Today I was back after my swim meet last weekend. I answered the phone about 6 times today. I helped some people with real questions in front of me too. The stores cat was laying next to me at the beginning of my shift, which I really enjoyed. I bought a bag of ponies today and a book without my mom knowing (hehehe sneaky). I don't feel like putting a picture in, I am pretty exhausted from going to the mall before work. Speaking of the mall, I got a bluey shirt and a FNAF shirt at "Hot Topic". My mom left my FNAF shirt to me and is going to keep the bluey shirt until my birthday.

Anyway, that's all I have until next week!

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