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Day Lily, Knick Knack, Lady Slipper, & Rose Garden are harder to find than the other Breezies. Day Lily, Knick Knack, & Lady Slipper remain on my Want List, while Rose Garden was a very lucky find!!!
Snippety Snap eludes me to this day!!!

I think the harder to find ones seem to be those bundled in with other ponies over here or maybe also in Europe. I actually just went and dug up my collection spreadsheet and the ones you mention seem to be bundled with another pony/release:
Rose Garden with Precious Gem
Lady Slipper with Fluttershy/Purse
Knick Knack with Star Bright (?)
Snippety Snap with the Petal Parlour

Of course, so is Day Lilly.

Depending on what they price out at, I may try to keep them in groups. I have Precious Gem so I might put her in a lot with Rose Garden, and I'm going to try to keep the 3-packs with petal carts together, at least when I first list them. I do have interest in some of them so I'm trying to figure out if it makes a difference to keep them together vs do a custom listing.

I have a feeling that Day Lilly had a weird release. Something about how her name is spelt reminds me. Pretty sure she was sold in Canada or something? Not quite remembering but I think she's the one I don't have because of that limited issue. Maybe she was also in the States in some places but there's something funny about her release, I'm sure. Maybe look into that.

I'm no G3 expert but I don't think any of the others are super rare.

Day Lily came with a balloon and Sweet Breeze and there was 1 specific shop chain that sold them over here in NL. In better days that shop had a lot of exclusive G3 stuff comparing to the regular toy shops. So yeah quite limited spread.
And some exclusives were also at UK ponycon assuming they were also sold over there. Snippity Snap is the most difficult to find and highly wanted.

That's interesting. I knew she had a very limited release (Day Lilly, I mean). I have quite a few of the sets sold over here with a Breezie companion, but I don't think that one got here. She's still the only one I'm missing iirc.

I knew about Snippety Snap, but that wasn't one of them in OP's post, so I didn't mention her. The only extra I ever had I gifted to someone, so I have no idea what kind of price she makes now anyway xD.

Snippety Snap is the only one I didn't have, I remember her being more than I was willing to pay even back then, which would have been 10-12 years ago. But I'm thinking if I ended up with duplicates of some of these, they were easier to find then as compared to now.

glad you were able to get a fair price for her!  Yes I think you can just keep adding to this post, someone else might need to PC thier Euros, that way it stays on the forum and people can search

Done, thanks! It would be great to have an updated PC reference on some of these, they sell so infrequently on US Ebay and Mercari.

Pony Corral / Re: PC Petite Petunia Update: More G3 Euros?
« on: May 20, 2024, 04:17:44 AM »
Thanks for your help everyone, she sold for $40. I have several more Euro exclusive G3's that I have no idea how to price for the US, including all the Breezies except Knick Knack, some with carts, and the non-SLH version of Rarity that came with the Rainbow Princess Castle playset. I don't want to make a bunch of PC threads, is there somewhere with a recent list? Should I edit them onto this one?

Pony Corral / Re: PC Petite Petunia
« on: May 10, 2024, 03:35:25 PM »
$91 dollars is very crazy.
Yes there have been some exclusive G3 long hair released on this side of the pond and Petite Petunia was one of them. Up here she is not hard to find.
As for the price for your side I would say about $40 because of being rare in the USA but not abroad. So would your buyer do the hassle of buying abroad or from you :)

Thanks! Most of the listings on eBay I found were from Europe so the international shipping definitely counts. I'll offer her for $40 and see what happens.

Pony Corral / Re: PC Petite Petunia
« on: May 09, 2024, 01:47:11 PM »
Yes it looks like she was not released in the US. I can't remember where I got mine, it's been at least 12 years since I collected G3's.

Update 5/20: Here are some more G3's that were mostly sold in Europe. I'm having trouble finding any sales in the US enough to price them.

The first set is Dancing Daffodil, Pink Petals, and Orange Flower. I think these are their carts. When I referenced them on My Little Wiki, the carts were the same colors, but the petal shapes were rotated among the set.
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The second set is Zippy Zinnia, Darling Dayflower, and Purple Petunia. Again, I have one cart that I think goes with the set, but on the My Little Wiki reference this petal shape went with another cart in the set, and the blue cart had a different petal shape. The earlier two Breezie sets have translucent petal carts, so I'm not sure what else these would be:
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These Breezies I have single but I'm finding hard to price. I have ended up with duplicates of some:
Day Lilly
Lady Slipper- has significant rubs to symbol
Rose Garden
Tra-La-La x2
Willow Wisp x3
Tiddly Wink x2
Knick Knack x2
Zipzee II
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I have this Rarity who is not super long-haired and does not have tinsel. I also have that version so it was easy enough to compare. I think she was the Euro release with the Rainbow Princess Castle. She does have some adhesive or something stuck in her hair so if I can't remove that I will have to account for it in her price.
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I have some interest in my G3 Petite Petunia but she is so inconsistent to find that I'm having a hard time pricing her. She is loose, no accessories. Hair is a bit dry but otherwise no major flaws, plastic breakdown, stickiness etc. I've been selling through Mercari and there's nothing on there. Looks like the eBay ones have come from Europe mostly under $40 but last month there was a bidding war on a loose one that went to $91.

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G3 heads can be really hard to get off. In your second pic I can see little white specs in her plug holes.

Ooh good eye! At first I thought that might be dried product residue but you're right. I just pulled out my husband's lighted magnifying glass and there's a little bit of sparkle at the roots. I'm going to list her as a de-tinsel.

The only way to be sure would be to pop her head off and look inside.

Love pkw xx

Hmm you know, I don't think I've ever popped the head off or otherwise taken apart or modified anything besides G1.

Pony Corral / ID Help: G3 Sand Dollar De-tinsel vs Factory Error?
« on: May 01, 2024, 09:54:25 AM »
I am going through my G3's to sell and I came across this Sand Dollar who is completely missing tinsel in her mane and tail. Not a trace, even at the roots. I bought her used and have had her for years so I don't remember where I got her. Before I list her I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to tell if this was a factory error vs her previous owner removing all the tinsel. I looked around online and didn't find anything about a version without tinsel, and I have all the other ponies from this line. They all have tinsel in their hair.

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 :frolic: ~Bump!~  :silly:

I have started a serious downsizing of my collection on Mercari, since my husband already had sales set up there and it’s fairly straightforward and easy to deal with. Mercari shipping options only insure up to $200, so I was careful to only list ponies up to that value. However, Mercari automatically let a buyer purchase and check out with a bundle with combined shipping for a total value of $400. We went ahead and shipped the ponies but I was very anxious until the sale cleared last night.

I can see that there is at least one more seller letting go of some rare ponies over $200 that are currently listed with just the Mercari $4.99 shipping. Is this common practice? For now I have added a disclaimer: “See my other MLP listings. Mercari shipping insures up to $200. For bundles over $200, please message me first for total with insured shipping. I will hold the items for you. For buyer and seller protection, I reserve the right to cancel bundle sales over $200, but will hold items for you to repurchase with insured shipping.” And then getting an insured shipping option and giving the buyer the option of combined, insured shipping vs buying each item separately covered by Mercari shipping, whichever is more economical. I looked and I don't think it runs afoul of their TOS. Has anyone found a better way to cover this kind of situation?

In general, we have found that items less than 1lb are cheaper through USPS, and more than 1lb but less than 5lb are cheaper through UPS. I have not encountered a situation yet when we have sold a bundle more than 5lb. For rare, high dollar ponies, what is the consensus on the best form of shipping with added insurance to cover the sales value? How do we go about selling that through Mercari? Once I build my reputation as a seller, I was thinking of doing some of my valuable ponies, like some G1 rares and Nirvanas, and my G3 Beach Belle and Caribbean Delight set, off Mercari and directly on the Arena for this exact situation, so that I can communicate with the buyer every step of the way and agree on appropriate shipping to cover the value. But I’ll admit I did not think ahead of the scenario when a Mercari buyer made a bundle for above the insured value.


I am starting the process of downsizing my sizeable pony and plushie collection to make it meaningful to me, and to set aside some $ as I now have two little boys and I am planning for their futures. This is my husband's Mercari account because I work 12-hour shifts that mean I'm sometimes unable to get to the post office myself during the shipping window, but all specific MLP questions will be referred to me. Feel free to ask for details or more pictures.

Update 5/26: Most G3's are now listed. If there is a particular pony you are looking for, message me and I will see if I have it. If you have good feedback I'm happy to sell off Mercari using Paypal G&S within the US. Just give me a little time to figure out shipping.

Please keep a watch as I plan on listing more ponies in the future and will eventually work my way through a few loose G4, all my G2, and some G1, and G1 Nirvana ponies. I have excellent feedback here from years ago as a buyer.

All items come from a smoke-free, cat and dog friendly home. Vintage items may not be up to modern safety standards and are intended as collectibles, not for play by children.

Pony Corral / PC G4 Rare Playsets: Star Swirl and Starbeam Twinkle
« on: March 09, 2024, 02:11:50 PM »
I am starting to sell some of my collection on my husband's Mercari. I have been out of pony buying for a long time and need some help with prices please. I am starting with G4 and working my way back. First I have these two playsets: Celebration at Canterlot Castle with Twilight Sparkle and Starbeam Twinkle that looks like was exclusive to Target? And Euro/international exclusive Royal Gem Carriage with Rarity and Star Swirl. Both boxes are opened with some damage to the package. Rare ponies have been removed and their hair unwrapped but are now replaced in the box and ponies themselves are in great condition. All pieces and accessories appear to be present.

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I'm slowly going to start downsizing my massive herd to focus on my favorite G1s. I'll be selling many lots but some of my NIB/ rares I would like to price more carefully.

G3 Carribean Delight and Beach Belle. Purchased from another seller and was opened before I bought them. Looks complete and I have kept them together in the package. They don't seem to have ever been removed but I unzipped them just to check and without removing them from their positions, they do not feel sticky and do not have any visible discoloration.
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Tag still present:
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Snipped open:
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Back card has some age or storage-related discoloration:
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G4 Midnight in Canterlot Costco Exclusive with Minty. Purchased new when they were on shelves and kept in box.
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Some wear and tear of various spots on box:
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