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Title: For Trade Mexican ponies, (wish list ) and show me what you have
Post by: scarletmoon on September 29, 2020, 04:21:38 AM
Hello ponies

Im willing to trade my mexican ponies for the ones of my wishlist, or show me what you have for trade.
For now due the sanitary , I only be able to ship to USA and Canada.
also have feedback here, ebay and TP

WHAT I HAVE FOR TRADE mexican ponies:

- Twilight unicorn purple stripe and soft stripe
collector pose
-minty good shape
minty mid shape
snuzzle lililedy good shape

_baby twin factory error
-skydancer good shape

peppermint crunch (will trade for my most wanted and htf)

OTHER Hong kong ponies for trade

_rainbow curl hair / pegasus
_brush and grow super long hair brilliant bloom
_perfume puff pony Sponge hair

g4 ponies for trade or sale
couple prince and princess cadence
luna black mystery mini funko
set of mexican erasers very rare and htf
mrs dazzle cake and son

-Melody pink with blue hair ###
-baby lucky leaf ###
-Skydancer German ###
-baby ribbon###
-Mermaid baby ponies
-baby party
baby candy
german skydancer
baby explorer
baby pineapple###
sunsplasher sundazzle swwet heart sister ( yellow with green hair)
fancy flower sister (yellow with green hair)
baby dolphin
baby lollipop
baby gusty
baby fleecy###

rosey posey
pinkie pie special editions comic con
orange art pony


Prefer in good shape, some marks are ok, some frizz is ok, but no ugly marks or pen, not ugly cuts Not Extreme markings That are Permanent (ex: Marker across body)
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