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Pony Corral / Re: "G1.5" ...?
« on: July 14, 2014, 10:10:12 PM »
Holy G1! That's a lot of unnecessary change somepony's trying to make! Leave history be. Let's categorize the new ones by the show instead of the toy mold. You know, to make it easier for the FiM only fans. :lmao:

That is too cute! Never heard or seen them before. I will keep my eye out for you :)

Aw. I had been thinking rainbow power castle = bright, in rainbow colors. Wish it had more green in there. Looks kinda dark. I will be passing on this one unless I find one preloved at a yard sale in the years to come.

Very cool! I'm glad to see a new pony rather than one released a billion times over. She's got a lot of fans out there for sure!

Pm'd you!

I am open to prices, so please make an offer!

Responded to pm's and items placed on hold :cool:

I am xdartfrogx on the game as well. My best friend is ajjensen9686. We both would love to add more friends and be added as friends! Thanks!

Pony Corral / Re: Some nasty looking Blind Bag fakies
« on: July 18, 2013, 08:32:43 PM »
They look like they got caught up in the conveyor belt between coats of paint and became victims of the zombie apocalypse! :lol:

Pony Corral / Re: A new Sunset Shimmer
« on: July 17, 2013, 12:55:30 PM »
I actually like her.  I will be adding her to my herd if she actually gets released, but I doubt we'll see her till the holidays. After all, the transluscent sparkly wysteria and pinkie just are starting to hit shelves now and we saw them months ago due to taobao and such. I hope Ss makes the cut!

Pony Corral / Fear of dolls and ponies combined came true...
« on: July 16, 2013, 09:35:04 PM »
Well, my fears have come true. Ponies are being included with the equestria dolls. I'm just glad they're not brushables, or else I'd be having a tantrum. I am just not interested in the dolls at all, but I thought I'd share anyways. Btw, these are being featured as pre-orders. Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store for the pic.

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Pony Corral / Re: The mystery of Mimic's appeal
« on: July 16, 2013, 09:10:44 PM »
Personally, I Love her symbol, the color combo, and her eyes. If I ever found her in my price range, she would become part of my herd in a heartbeat. Plus, I wanted her as a kid, but never had her. Someday... :biggrin:

Pony Corral / Re: Show off your MOCs and MIBs!
« on: July 16, 2013, 08:58:45 PM »
 :dropjaw: You all have such gorgeous collections! I only have 1 MOC G1 which is Starflash, and a MOC li'l litters set as well. Everything else is G2 pets or G4.  :sunny: Ya'll just brightened my day! I love looking at ponies, especially MOC ponies!!!!

Pony Corral / Re: Princess Twilight Sparkle "Adult Collectible"???
« on: July 16, 2013, 03:05:51 PM »
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This. Thank You. And thank you Brittanny for putting a pic up of her. I forgot. :blush: I just do not see what the appeal is supposed to be for adult collectors; she really does stand out as tacky to me. It would be different if she was a one of a kind custom, but a mass produced, over-released twilight. *sigh* Her wings to the extent of size look great, but I think they *only* did that because she is Princess Twilight Sparkle now- Hasbro's attempt to be more show accurate. I'm on the wagon with knitgirl. I would drop consider dropping money for porcelain or ponies that are crystal- maybe even glass, but not for this 'gem' :lmao: And it might seem as a marketing fail- yet now kids are going to be having tantrums for the $50 pony rather than the $5 pony. I wonder how many parents will break down and pick one up- especially when the holidays hit... I fear that more of these will show up in the future. Hasbro please- We are begging you for Brushable Boys, G1 characters, less characters made of pink and purple bodies, Sea Ponies, and NEW characters Pleeeeeeeeeaaaase????????? :drunk: I still think they're not listening :cry:

Pony Corral / Princess Twilight Sparkle "Adult Collectible"???
« on: July 16, 2013, 09:53:15 AM »
Has anyone heard about adult collectible ponies coming out? I had not heard of them yet, so forgive me if I'm behind with the times!  :lol: I stumbled across an "Adult Collectible Twilight Sparkle" which is apparently decorated with Swarovski Crystals and glitter. I saw her on hasbro toy shop just now, and ACK! The price? $49.99 pre-order. It doesn't mention anything about how big she is, but you can see by the pics that she has brushable hair. I would be horrified if she is only the brushable size for that price. Does anyone know if there are other characters that are slated to come out as "adult collectibles" like her? Just curious. Unfortunately, the price tag on this one will discourage me from collecting her, or any others like her (I could get 10 brushables, or a TRU favorites collection for that much!) :lol: That's just my 2 cents and my attempt to share what I just thought was downright odd.

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