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Pony Corral / Re: ~Out Now and Coming Soon ~
« Last post by Ponyfan on Yesterday at 03:11:42 PM »
I found this at Five Below.    I don' t think it's been posted yet.

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Pony Corral / Re: G1 retro art pictures
« Last post by Ponyfan on Yesterday at 03:08:50 PM »
Here's the barcode for the small one.

I still haven't found the other one yet.

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Pony Corral / Re: characters that should have toys but don't
« Last post by ThePoneZone on Yesterday at 12:40:01 PM »
G1 Villains (I would've loved a Tirac and Catrina toy), Knight Shade, all of the boys from Tales, G3 unicorns and pegasi  (every day I yearn for feeling flitter ; -;) and Sombra.
Today, I am starting the MLP binder I bought and put together for my physical MLP collection. I use MLP Merch for most of it, and had a notebook for the physical aspect of it. Now, the notebook was getting really out-of-hoof (see what I did there? hehe.) and I wanted to get some type of system going. My first step was to ask the MLP Arena members for help on what to do. Someone had the best idea, I cannot remember who, suggested I use a binder and divider tabs and organize the sections, so I took their idea and now am here. I wanted to show everyone what I am going to be going through and putting in a binder, while also checking to make sure I have it in my MacBook too.

Off Topic / Re: What made you smile today?
« Last post by BlackCurtains on Yesterday at 10:25:59 AM »
I've had my new shrimp and snails for a while. The shrimp are doing quite well. The snails, there are three of them, are hard to keep track of and find in the tank. One of them likes to come out of the water. The first time she crawled up the side until she hit the netting, but stayed there for two days. I wondered if I should put her back in and read that most aquatic snails can live for 5 days out of the water but in general, yes, put them back in the tank. She has a white spot on one side of her shell.

A few days later she was back in the same spot. I knew it was her because of the white spot. Since then, this has been a game. I let her hang around out of the water for about 2 days, then put her back on the gravel. She has climbed up all four corners, up the heater and right now she is on the outside of the filter.

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I just put her back in and there she goes up the side again :lol:

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Off Topic / Re: The Plant Thread
« Last post by Beth3346 on Yesterday at 10:25:33 AM »
it's been a while since i posted an update. most of the plants are doing well. except the petunias, which were eaten by an unknown animal or bug. they were pretty while they lasted :( also the snapdragons are dying off in the heat. i need to plant them earlier next year. the sunpatients are loving all the rain and still blooming like crazy :) so are the knockout roses.

the avocado plant is making a comeback too. i realized i was overwatering so i left it alone for a while and cut the dead branches. i see a lot of new growth starting. also the lemon tree finally arrived and is doing well. i added some ceramic pieces to the bottom of the pot when i planted it. i wish i had done the same to the avocado. if they do well i want to get more next year.

i also trimmed back the bushes in the front yard. they were growing pretty wildly so i had a lot of clippings. i also pruned the crepe myrtle again. the builders planted it right by the sidewalk so if i don't prune it blocks the path :huh: i also managed to step in an ant bed which was not good.
Off Topic / Re: Slice of Life - What are you up to today?
« Last post by Artemesia's Garden on Yesterday at 08:17:50 AM »

Beth I'm so glad things went well. In between your chores take your time to feel stuff xxx

It's true. However, I'm using chores to avoid feeling stuff today because I've been waiting to hear about something important that could change a lot of other stuff and with only a few weeks to jump either way. I won't go into the details but it's excruciating. In a positive way I cleaned the bathroom and the front hall. Fingers crossed all this tension is resolved soon! I took the baby to singing at the library this afternoon which was quite relaxing.
Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« Last post by lovesbabysquirmy on Yesterday at 06:47:18 AM »
I feel you Ponyfan.  For whatever reason I have been really missing my cat.  Of course we could always adopt another, but Bearie was such a GOOD cat.  He didn't eat things he shouldn't, he didn't claw things, he was gentle, he didn't explore places that he could get stuck in, he always used his litterbox... he was such a low-maintenance, easy-going cat.  I will likely never have another one with that kind of personality.   
Day Lily, Knick Knack, Lady Slipper, & Rose Garden are harder to find than the other Breezies. Day Lily, Knick Knack, & Lady Slipper remain on my Want List, while Rose Garden was a very lucky find!!!
Snippety Snap eludes me to this day!!!

I think the harder to find ones seem to be those bundled in with other ponies over here or maybe also in Europe. I actually just went and dug up my collection spreadsheet and the ones you mention seem to be bundled with another pony/release:
Rose Garden with Precious Gem
Lady Slipper with Fluttershy/Purse
Knick Knack with Star Bright (?)
Snippety Snap with the Petal Parlour

Of course, so is Day Lilly.

Depending on what they price out at, I may try to keep them in groups. I have Precious Gem so I might put her in a lot with Rose Garden, and I'm going to try to keep the 3-packs with petal carts together, at least when I first list them. I do have interest in some of them so I'm trying to figure out if it makes a difference to keep them together vs do a custom listing.
Pony Corral / Re: G1 retro art pictures
« Last post by sd_dreamcrystal on Yesterday at 04:26:21 AM »
I'd be interested in the barcode(s) for the pictures if anyone has them? I doubt my Walmart ever got them but it would be nice to see if they are there
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