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Pony Corral / Re: Funskool ponies
« on: May 14, 2024, 05:01:23 PM »

Are they the ones that smell like crayons or is that a different Nirvana? or am I just getting totally mixed up? :p

It is the Peru ponies that smell like wax crayons :)

Love pkw xxx

I love that picture of Lil Ray and Beach Boy :)

Love pkw xxx

Ooh I am excited to see how this turns out :) I have seen a few custom Buggy's over the years and they always look fantastic :)

Love pkw xxx

The only way to be sure would be to pop her head off and look inside.

Love pkw xx

Thanks :heart: it was worth the fiddling to get the pattern to fit right :)

I want to make pony trousers/pants next :) I stupidly threw out (by mistake) the draught I had made which fit and have been cross at myself since (it has been well over a year or so!) and have not had the will to try again.

Love pkw xxx

Hi ponies,

I very rarely post in this section, I'm usually in Nirvana or Customs, but I have something that I think is suitable to post here :)

I have created a shirt sewing pattern to fit Baby Brother Ponies  :biggrin: I have already made a sewing pattern for Big Brother Ponies, but PonyBookWorm suggested shirts for Baby Brothers would be super cute and of course she was right.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Here is a link to my Etsy listing for the Baby Brother shirt pattern:

Love pkw xxx

Pony Corral / Re: G1 Prototype Archive/Database
« on: April 30, 2024, 03:17:15 PM »
Welcome back :)

There are some G1 prototypes and unfinished ponies in the MLParena Nirvana Gallery :)

Love pkw xxx

Pony Corral / Re: "Fable" ponies - do we have a definitive list?
« on: April 22, 2024, 02:32:19 PM »
:) I am glad I could help, I did wonder if it was that thread you were looking for. There were so other threads on the Fable ponies, but I know that has actual lists in it as well as pictures. I searched "Scandinavia" and checked the MLP Nirvana box ;) I have shortcuts to some threads on my PC as well :lol:

I put a little bit of information in the Nirvana Gallery as well under "other releases of interest" ;)

Love pkw xxx

Pony Corral / Re: "Fable" ponies - do we have a definitive list?
« on: April 20, 2024, 03:43:20 PM »
This thread might be helpful, although it is older and a thread you contributed too :) It is about puffy stickers, but the releases are discussed.

Love pkw xxx

Starshine is definitely Mexican and Nibbles and Dibbles sound like they are Mexican as well (only Mexico had New Born Twin variants and they all have NC hoof marks).

Mexican Starshine


Baby Blossom could be Mexican or she could be Greek since both have NC hoof marks and concave feet. Greek Blossom is a darker lilac with lilac, while Mexican Blossom is paler in colour and has white hair.

Mexico Baby Blossom

Greek Baby Blossom

I hope this is helpful and good luck with your sales.

Love pkw xxx

Off Topic / Re: heftysmurf76 has Passed Away
« on: March 14, 2024, 04:44:22 PM »
Oh no, this is sad news :(

Love pkw xxx

Hi ponies,

I am looking to hopefully plug a few more gaps in the Nirvana Gallery.

I am after the following ponies with SPAIN marked hooves:

Spain marked Starflower
Spain marked Trickles
Spain marked Confetti

Let me know if you can help :)

Love pkw xxx

Customs / Re: Quick little custom - Lily
« on: March 12, 2024, 03:04:09 PM »
I really like her :) I can't explain what it is about her that I love, she is just lovely :)

Love pkw xxx

Pony Corral / Re: Who is your favorite Pony Friend/Pretty Pal?
« on: March 10, 2024, 02:51:17 PM »
Cha Cha (but don't tell Oakly!)

Love pkw xxx

Hmmm... Thats pretty cool, I wonder why they did that?

They were made to be sold for export :) There are many nirvana ponies you can find on different language cards to the country they were made in :) For example, Italian made ponies were sold on French, German and duel language cards :)

Love pkw xxx

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