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Title: Trading G1/G3/G4 for G1 Windy Wings ponies and G4 Breezies!
Post by: Meadowhaven on October 12, 2020, 09:30:40 PM
Hi! Letting go of so many ponies in preparation to move these past months has made me sad...and left room for a few (very small) new things to brighten up my new place! :)

-You can find all my G1/G3/G4 ponies and pony items for trade on my sales thread:,399708.msg1830065.html

-Looking to trade for G1 Windy Wings Sunglider and Moonjumper
Any G4 tiny Breezies
Any G1 Sugarberry, Blossom, Windy/Summerwings or Dancing Butterflies related merch (like pamphlets, cards, buttons, stickers, charms, etc) and possibly customs!

-Anything in my sale post is available for trade! Please PM me! USA/Canada only please...overseas shipping rates from the USA have become beyond ridiculous these days, and Covid-19 is still keeping many borders closed. -_-;;
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