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I've been saving for a nano aquarium I can put a betta fish and shrimp in. Lots of plants too! Today I have finally narrowed down everything I need to get between three sites, Amazon, Etsy and Chewy. I followed this helpful blog post to get started (but I found cheaper/in stock items elsewhere). I don't have all the money yet but I was able to place my Etsy order sans live plants. I'll save those for after the tank can be set up :)

The tank is 7 gallons and rimless, all glass. I'm using black lava rocks and dragon wood as my hardscape. Plants I picked out are java fern, java moss, anubias nana petite (small clusters of green leaves) and cryptocoryne wendtii green (a broad leaf background plant). I'll also have mineral rocks for the shrimp and a couple of marimo moss balls.

I bought three hides/beds for the betta and a tunnel and cave for the shrimp.

Food is all picked out as is the bacteria starter for cycling and a test kit. I wanted to cycle without using other fish and I don't have or know anyone with an established tank, so this liquid starter adds stuff to grow the bacteria needed.

I'm really excited! I've always loved fish tanks and one of my dreams is to have a huge one, or several, with huge fish like oscars and knife fish. I'd also love to have a big ecosystem tank. I was never interested too much in saltwater tanks though I think they're neat. Cow fish are especially adorable.

For the actual fish, I looked on eBay at betta males, US based sellers. They all had mixed reviews and feedback. Plus, I'd rather interact with him before I buy, you know? So I'll be going to the local pet stores to see what I can find. Same for the shrimp and moss balls. That's not for a while yet though.

I had a betta once, he was dark blue and purple. Back then, you could only find one fin type, the veil tail, I think. They were kind of new to the mainstream. I didn't keep him in a bowl though, I knew better even then. He was in a 5 gallon round desk tank I set up on my dresser :) He lived a long time, about 6 years. He had a great personality and would come out and see me.

I'd love to hear about your fish! Do you have tank?

Bettas are wonderful. I’ve had, I think, 7 males in my past fishkeeping. My last one I lost about 2 years ago and I haven’t kept a tank since. They are such fun little creatures. That blog you linked looks like pretty good advice. Be careful with a tank without a lid because some bettas can be jumpers! Though I’ve really only had that problem with short-finned females, myself. I, too, always preferred to pick out my bettas in person at the store. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one once your tank is ready.

I didn't know bettas could jump out! They do sell lids for the model I'm getting... I can also make one myself. I will keep this in mind!

I have a 180 liters aquarium myself. You are aware a smaller tank is more difficult to keep stable so you'll need to clean / check more than a bigger one? My first aquarium was 60 liters so I don't have nano experience myself. I've never had Betta's myself, but my father had one when I was young. They are stunning and I've seen so many on a yearly fish-event I go to. There are so many colors and different fin-shapes available.

Enjoy the setup and your future live-tv fish fun :)

Nano tanks are great! Like Bella said, check those parameters often, but ahh, so exciting, I hope it all goes well :D Bettas are beautiful. I've never kept one though, but I've kept cichlids and gourami in the past.
For a short while, we had a nano saltwater tank, but sadly it crashed (not the actual tank, but it was a total collapse - and too far to go within the amount of time required to save it to a store that carried saltwater stuff :'( ). saltwater crashes are harsh, especially in a small tank.
If we get a tank again, it will be a regular freshwater one. I would love to have gouramis again. they're so sweet :)


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