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Do you buy physical media (CDs, Records, DVDs, etc.)

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I've always bought physical! I'm old-fashioned and refuse to upgrade :P I see far too many things getting yanked off streaming services, it just seems pointless to me. If I like something enough to want to pay for it, I want it for keeps :P Streaming just feels like a rental, I don't trust it. And I never really got into eBooks.

That said, I do mostly get music online (and off YouTube), but that's because I tend to listen to odd songs here and there rather than complete albums. I do have a shoebox full of anime CDs :B And a stash of musical theatre cast recordings, film soundtracks, etc.

If I really like something I'll get a physical copy. Books can be passed on to the next reader, CDs can be listened to whenever I want, & with our community film days back on, I'm not the only one sharing DVDs for us all to enjoy.
If I don't want to buy I can stream music via digital radio, & films via Netflix.
I too am old-fashioned in that I don't believe I own a copy of something I can't touch

you have an amazing collection BC :) i can't read the SNES titles but i'm interested to know your faves.

yeah i mainly want to buy stuff i know i will listen to or watch over and over. lately i mostly listen to podcasts and i listen to music in the car. streaming is way more convenient for the car. i still think streaming/youtube is great for finding stuff that i would never hear on the radio. i found a lot of new/old music i missed out on when i was younger. maybe i should think of the physical media as a complement to the digital stuff instead of as a replacement.

you're right PBW. you don't own digital media even if you paid to have forever access to it. the company could have changes to licenses, change their TOS, or go out of business. then you've just wasted money and you may lose access to something you love.

i feel like my posts on this site are going to be a record of me moving more and more off grid. I really want to be less dependent on the internet for entertainment. and yeah it's not the most important thing in a disaster, but having something to listen to of watch to pass the time  helps me keep calm. i live in Texas and our infrastructure is trash so being less reliant on it makes sense to me. things aren't getting more stable either.

I sold my DVDs and CDs years ago because i moved them to digital. i do regret it but i moved so many times in the last few years so it would have been a pain to transport them in addition to my other collections. i used to be way more into setting up home network servers for streaming video and music that i own through my home network. i also used to know a lot more about hardware too. using streaming/cloud/subscription services is just so easy and convenient that i lost a lot of those skills. i still have a lot of the hardware so i need to get that set up again. i'm not 100% sure the stuff i bought from iTunes works without an internet connection anymore.

CDs, these days mostly only if I have to. I often have to buy CDs from Japan if I want to get certain tracks, but I haven't a lot of space to spare.

Manga volumes, yes...books, sometimes. Some are fine on digital, some not.

DVDs...if it's a show I really like, if I can get it on DVD then I will try to. It's not always possible though.

I don't like that stuff doesn't stay on streaming sites eternally, and it's not fun when a streaming site suddenly decides not to operate in your region anymore (yes hidive, looking at you), so if it's important I'd like to have it.

Daiya no Ace is an exception. No way I can afford the number of DVDs that comprises as there is only a Japanese release...so if that drops off CR anytime then I guess I'm screwed.

Beth, thanks! My NES carts are in an old carrying case just off to the side too. My fav SNES games I own, well my all time favorite game is LoZ: Link to the Past. Tetris Attack, Pac-Attack, The Lost Vikings 1 and 2, Demon's Crest, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Kirby Superstar and Dreamland 3... I own so many it's hard to pick. I've been trying to add Rock'n Roll Racing to my collection but keep getting out bid. I know you didn't ask but the rarest one I own is E.V.O.


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