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Rate the last movie you watched?

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Fiend Without a Face-It was pretty dull for a b movie. This was a snoozer. And I expected the monsters to be a tad more imposing then small brain snails. 4/10

Midnight in Paris, I had seen it before but it just happened to be on TV, great movie, I loved Owen Wilson in it and it had a nice message about longing for the past, I give it 9/10

Last movie I saw was Don't Look Up

I have to say I can see it happening 110% in society lol. I really enjoyed it for what it was. My emotions were all over the place because of certain scenes in the movie hit close to home. Overall 9/10 a really good watch!

The last movie I watched was Ghostbusters: Afterlife so I give it the highest ratings ever.

I think the last movie i watched was Encanto? I enjoyed it, ive had the songs stuck in my head ever since i watched it haha.. Probably an 8/10


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