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Adoptable Rules and Privileges - a must read


Adoptable Rules.

1. Newbies. This forum is open membership and you may start requesting at any time. A minimum of posts and membership is no longer required.

2. Adoptable requesters. Read the title of the thread. If it says OPEN - then it's open for requests. If it says CLOSED or ON HOLD (or suchlike) - then please wait. Don't get in line, don't ask. Just wait. General comments and compliments are, however, fine. Thank you!

3. Adoptable requesters. Read the requirements. For example: If it says "Choose a Hasbro pony" - then do not ask for your persona (unless your persona is a Hasbro pony). Another example: if the maker has his or her own rules, and it says "type 'all hail queen of the goof balls' if you read the rules" - then do so. Thank you!

4. Adoptable requesters. Please do not hoard adoptables. Adoptables are not like Pokemon in that you need to "catch them all." Three (3) requests per week is the limit. Chronic adoptable hogs are often banned from the Arena.

5. Adoptable makers. Please state clearly in your thread title whether you are OPEN or CLOSED. You may ask the thread be locked and unlocked if you really need it, but please try to keep it at a minimum. Thank you!

6. Adoptable makers. If you are offering to make adoptables for others using someone else's template or lineart, you must have their permission* and you must credit them in your original post. Stolen lineart will result in the thread being locked. Thank you!

*(Which is automatic if the lineart is in the Arena Artists Coloring Book.)

7. Everyone. Keep in mind the signature rules when you put the adoptables in your signature. All signatures must fit within an area 500 pixels long and 200 pixels high. Total signature "weight" (or file size) must be less than 60k. Sigs without graphics may have up to five lines of text. Sigs with graphics can have up to two lines of text. Tickers count as two lines of text. Thank you!

8. Everyone. Adoptables made at the Arena are for Arena members. Banned members may NOT get around the rules by sending others over here to ask on their behalf. On the other side of the coin, please do not request for adoptables on the behalf of banned members. Doing so would be at the risk of your own adoptable forum privileges.  (rule added on Oct 28, 2010)

Adoptable Privileges.

1. Everyone. We now have an adoptable gallery. A place to store the ones you've collected and/or to store the ones you are making. Go ahead and request one if you'd like, PM SourdoughStomper or Kiwi. Do keep in mind, though, that you have a certain quota of cumulative kilobytes you can use in all galleries. For example: the more adoptables you upload, the less room you have for your collection album. :) Thank you! Not offered anymore, sorry!


Thank you for reading.  :satisfied:


--- Quote from: gothicsugar on January 28, 2015, 12:08:57 PM ---Are we allowed to offer adoptables for sale here?  Or would that go into the Arts and Crafts Corral?

--- End quote ---

I'm really curious about this, so I want to know too! Is the Adoptables board just for free stuff? I have some adoptables I'd like to sell but not sure if this is the proper place to post them.

I'm sorry it took me awhile before I saw this message. It is perfectly acceptable to sell adoptables on the site. It might be challenging as people tend to get them for free about 98% of the time, though. ^^; But you may go ahead if you like. :)


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