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Who / How Edits the My Little Wiki?

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Does anyone know how the My Little Wiki is edited?
Or who is in charge of it/or its sections if there's multiple people doing it (as is usually the case with wikis)?
On it, it says 'check the arena'...so that's what I'll do. If it is able to be contacted, I'd like to request a small change to a few words and then can add a photo that is marked for 'wanted', but I wanted to be sure to go about it the right way.

The wiki says Absol is the owner, but I think they did at some point given access to some other Arena members... don't remember who though

Anyone can sign up for an account by following the instructions on the wiki itself. I have a wiki account and can make a few changes if you message them to me.

Lots of people edit the Wiki.  I don't remember if I contacted someone about it or just signed up.  It's pretty fun!

You can email Absol to get an account, though it may take a while for it to be created unfortunately.


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