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NEED HELP: removing perfumes & artifical fragrances?

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(hello! i am brand new to this forum - just joined today- sorry if this isn't the right place to post, not sure where to put this topic)

i have allergies to perfumes and artifical fragrances and unfortunately bought a sweet sister pony (Fancy Flower) from a seller without asking about perfumes first- when she arrived at my home, she reeked of an artificial fragrance her previous owner must have sprayed on her

i want to save her and work on removing her scent, but havent had any luck removing it from her plastic body
i chopped off her mane and threw away her tail, which smelled horrifically sweet, and it removed most of the scent, but her body still smells when i bring it to my nose and sniff

when she arrived i separated her head/body and fully washed and sanitized her inside & out. first i put her in a bag of dry baking soda for 4 days, but it did nothing to remove her scent
afterwards i fully submerged her plastic body in 100% undiluted white vinegar for 48 hours straight, which didn't really seem to remove her scent either
i've currently put her in a bowl of clean water with dissolved baking soda, but after 24 hours of being fully submerged it doesn't seem like it's working either and her body still smells sweet as before. (i know baking soda and vinegar mixed together will do nothing to clean her since the chemical reaction to mix them only leaves water behind, i used both solutions separately)

does UV lighting work on removing scents as deep as this if vinegar and baking soda haven't worked? people say to air out a pony when its sunny outdoors, but i live in an area where its currently freezing & raining constantly this winter. so i can't leave her outside to air out- i only have UV light to substitute for sun

what else can i do to get rid of the fragrance? is she beyond saving and will i just have to sell her off? any advice is appreciated. i've seen so much advice for removing smoke/mildew/mold smells specifically from ponies, but almost next to nothing for chemical perfumes and fragrances and i'm getting desperate

(please dont suggest using additional fragrances to mask the perfume. i want to get rid of the artificial scent completely, not hide it with even more)

Moved to the Pony Corral :) You'll get more answers here.

thank you!! i appreciate it

Have you tried storing her in a shoebox bin of kitty litter? I would have thought some unscented dish soap would have de-scented the mane and tail enough that you could've kept them.
I don't think a uv light is going to help since a big factor of people suggesting the outdoors is more for the fresh air than the sunlight tbh.
So dousing her with uv rays is probably only going to succeed in aging her plastic prematurely.

you sure that wasn't a MLP with Original Pony Smell you just destroyed???  cuz G1 MLP have a sweet plastic smell to them even when there is no fragrances included with them.
also some of the G1s came with cosmetics, so that's permanently in that plastic.

UV light ruins ponies, don't put them in it!!! 

basically.... if you are THAT sensitive, collecting the actual physical toys might not be the best idea... there are a lot of cross -containment issues.  what if the previous owner kept all their 80's toys in a bin, are you going to chop their original hair off too?  Because that just....  ruined the value of that pony.  I don't think this is a good solution for your collecting, G1 ponies are very finite in quantity as it is.


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