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Sami's Ponification Nonsense (All Gens)


I honestly think bronies sort of had the right idea with turning random things into ponies.  So screw it, cringe culture is dead, here's a thread where I'll try to turn characters from series I like into ponies.

Things will probably be based on a mishmash of my favorite lore bits and design choices from various gens, because I can't get myself to choose just one gen to use aspects from ^^;

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Blocky (Battle for Dream Island)

* I based his proportions off of a G1 big brother pony
* His colors are a bit off bc I went out of my way to loosely base them on G1 MLP toy colors rather than Blocky's exact colors.
* His symbol/cutie mark is a jack in the box instead of his body asset bc I felt like using the asset is lazy + I like the G4 cutie mark lore!  I wanted to make it something that mixed his personality with his object so I chose the jack in the box because he's a prankster.
* I think that his pony name would be something like Jack in the Block.
Feel free to leave replies!  I want to try and make this a thread I regularly use.

How adorable! I love the symbol / cutie mark you chose for him! And yellow eyes on ponies are my favourite!

You conveyed the shape of the original character very well! Nice work!

Cute xxx


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