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Artemesia's Garden:
My 8 year old niece used to really like MLP but now she loves LOL Girls... they look to me like kinda nonsense... can anyone reassure me? I am not sure I want to spend money on these for her Christmas present.

Not a fan of the look myself, the eyes are too big and the mouth/nose is too centered in the face. I do see the appeal though, unlike current MLP, it looks like there's tons of variety and therefore, collectability, and there's some fun designs for them. The LOL OMG dolls look very well made and I'd be tempted to get some of them myself if it weren't for the faces. :lol: Playline doll collectors like OMGs as well because of the variety and high quality, something you don't get from Barbie. I've heard the fashion is all very on-trend and fashionable, whereas Barbie is stuck in the early-mid 2010s with some of their outfits. :P

Of course, this is all hearsay, I'm not big on dolls, but I do hear what others are saying from time to time.

I remember when Shopkins was big, but only for a little while, then LOL took over and it hasn't slowed down since. I'm surprised it's been this popular for so long. I think the collectability is the big draw, all of the big trendy toys tend to lean in on that. Maybe MLP should take note? Imagine more than 3-10 pony characters being made in a 10-year period!

I'm not into the regular LOL dolls, they aren't really my thing. But I do love and own a few of the OMGs. I appreciate the level of detail they put into their clothes. Small things like real looking buttons, zippers, and whatnot is always very appealing to me in a fashion doll.

The idea behind the LOL dolls is very clever - variety, collectability, on-trend fashions, "surprises" to unwrap. The first 5 minutes of play is what it's all about - unwrapping each layer to see what you get. Pure thrills for the kids!

However, the doll faces! They all look so angry to me! Attitude! Turn your back & they'll beat up your other toys lol.
A lot of kids at my girl's school are into them, though. I don't think you can go wrong buying them, but as an adult, I don't find the actual end-product appealing.  :cool:

I'm just annoyed they create so much waste, all those little things to unwrap.


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