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Hello everyone! nice to meet you ^^

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My name is Val and i'm 18 years old! I live in Venezuela and i'm currently a college student studying foreign languages!

I'm a very quiet, introspective person. I'm pretty close with my family, all of whom have been pretty supportive about my special hobby. Almost everyone I know knows me as THE pony girl.  xD

I got into ponies around the time FIM started airing, when i was around 8 years old and i fell absolutely in love with these sparkly, colorful little horses, starting off my pony obsession. I remember my first pony ever was a first wave brushable pinkie pie i purchased from a discount store during a shopping trip with my mom (she's still with me! a little roughed up but going strong  :biggrin: )  after feeling rather dissappointed by the lack of variety in the toys I began to dabble in the previous generations and, well, i fell in love with all of them!.

My collection is currently very small (20 ponies). As of lately i've been focusing on G1s and G3s since i find them the cutest, though I do have a few G4 brushables. My favorite pony ever is Baby Quackers, there's something about her rainbow hair that makes her so appealing <3.

I hope I can get along well with everyone here!

Artemesia's Garden:
Everyone will love you I'm sure. Several people are really into Venezuelan G1 ponies. Welcome to the Arena  :biggrin:

welcome welcome

Welcome to the arena! :)

Heart Of Midnight:
Welcome to the Arena!  :good:


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