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What is your favorite type of music?

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I don't think we've had a thread that asks this directly?

*If you post a video to a song please make sure it's Arena friendly*

So what do you normally listen to?

Me, I'm a metalhead \m/ and always have been. I like mainstream stuff but my favorites are death metal and industrial metal. My favorite band is called Septicflesh but their name doesn't really do them justice :lol: They play with an orchestra and choir and most of their songs are about mythology. Like Anubis.

I like other types of music too but only in small doses. The only kinds of music I don't like at all are modern country, rap and religious music.

Not sure I have a favorite type.  I like music from most genres but it's rare for me to like the majority or all of the music from a specific group/artist.  The only group that I have almost all the CDs from is Off Kilter.  They used to perform at Disney World at the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT but I'm not sure that they still do.  They're kind of a rock group with a bagpipe.  They describe themselves as "Celtic music with a twist."  They do jigs and folk tales like Irish Rover and Mary Mac and also some more popular stuff like Amazing Grace and Danny Boy but they're rocked out so it's fun.  My favorite CD of theirs is titled Celtic Armadillo.  You can listen to their music on their site.  It's all G-rated.


Ooh, looks like they're doing an Irish tour in 2022. And it looks like they've got another CD out I might have to get. 

Honestly, I love most all kinds of music. I grew up with folk music, my parents' old records, classical music, musicals...a whole range. I didn't get into chart music till I went to secondary school (age 11) and then my sister and I used to listen to that a lot. I have music in different languages, from all kinds of things. Movie songs. Anime songs. Theme songs. Old songs. New songs.  I have a lot of playlists.

I'm not massive on rnb and hiphop, never have been, but there are some exceptions to that.

I guess I do like real instruments, and am more rock orientated than cheesy pop in general, but more than anything I love people who can sing well, or captivating lyrics, or...and this is the bit that's hard to explain but hopefully someone will get me - that moment when the music makes your heart skip because of how beautifully the sounds go together.

I'm massively music motivated, though. To the point I might be a bit odd about it. Singing is also a hobby of mine so songs that are fun to sing also feature on my list of music.

Some random obscure things from among my playlists that people probably won't know. (all site safe, not all in English).




Looking at my playlists on this PC right now though, most of the things are either in Japanese/Chinese or are rock or on that wavelength.

I listen to all sorts of various genres, but my favorite is absolutely progressive rock and progressive metal. I think it's a lot of fun to listen to. Bands like Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Haken, The Dear Hunter, Between the Buried and Me, Jethro Tull, Thank You Scientist. I also really love King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard who are primarily psychedelic rock, but a bit prog adjacent. Here's a few songs:

Genesis - Supper's Ready
Yes - Close to the Edge
Between the Buried and Me - Fix The Error
Thank You Scientist - "Anchor"
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - "The River"

I have quite a few favorite music genres, both pop and classical. I'll give examples with them. =)

On the pop side, my favorite genres are Classic R&B/Soul (as in, from 70s and before), 70s Soft Rock, British Folk/Rock, Progressive Rock/Psychedelic Rock, and Baroque Pop.

On the classical side, my favorites are medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, French Impressionism, and some later works.


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