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G5 toys: new poses or new characters?

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Like many, I'm sure, I've been wondering about the future of the G5 toyline.  Which of these two directions would you prefer it was taken?  Many would probably want to say "both" :P  ...but if you had to pick, which would you choose?  Maybe comment on why you feel that way?

Ahhh I might have to go for more characters in the same standing pose, but I wouldn't be happy. I miss the ensemble ponies :(

The same 5 characters in different poses I think would get old fast unfortunately. Lots of different poses would kind of lose their fun if they were just the same 5 ponies in said poses

More characters easily. A lot of poses is nice and all, but character variety is absolutely what I care most about in terms of ponies. More poses wouldn't save G5 from being boring to collect if it continues down the route of a bunch of Mane 5 over and over.

I'd rather have a hundred different Ponies in one pose than five Ponies in twenty poses, because the whole point of MLP to me is a varied collection of Ponies. That was the appeal when I was growing up, & that hasn't changed in all this time. Bore 7 & the Mane Suxx have been done to death. Please, no more oversaturation.

I'm gonna have a contrary opinion and say neither. That's not to say I don't want a variety of characters or poses but that neither one is enough if they are going to be the same basic solid colored plastic, regular nylon hair, single cutie mark ponies. Not even if they have both. More important to me are the little "gimmicks" that go back all the way to G1 and are part of why it was so great. I hope for things like TAF markings or pearly bodies.


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