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Selling G1 with Greek Variants, shipping from Belgium


Hi everyone,

I live in Belgium but can ship mostly anywhere. This is what I have available. Individual prices are listed, but if you want the lot then send me your best offer.

My Little Pony VINTAGE GREEK Stable Mansion with most Accessories (Greek version) – yellow smudge on roof, glue has turned yellow 50$
Yellow smudges on roof and glue turned yellow over the years, G1 MLP collection, 1984 Hasbro Pawtucket

box of the school (but no school to be found, I don't remember ever having the school.. weird) 5$

the beauty salon Greek with most accessories– some smudges, glue has turned yellow 20$

Vintage G1 My Little Pony Greek Baby Buggy Carriage (little heart that goes on top to secure umbrella is lost) 20$

Collection of clothing 20$

Blue Belle - Greek variant II (blue hair , green body with star design) - very rare (some scratches on body and neck) 100$
Sky Dancer (yellow body, Pegasus and rainbow hair) Italy 1983 15$
Windy (rainbow hair, light unicorn with purple stripe design) smudging on body and underside feet, Italy 1983 5$
Ringlets - purple body with hair ornament design - hair is yellow, pink, purple, blue) - brush and grow! – tiny purple smudge on hind leg left, HONGKONG 1985 5$
Surf Rider - sea horse with floater some light scratching around left fin 1984 20$
Baby Glory (white with purple hair and falling star design) – pink smudging on underside paw and on back and on left ear HONGKONG 1984 20$
Baby Blossom - normal one (lilac body, white hair, three flowers on body) - indentations in right front leg, HONGKONG 1984 25$
Baby Blossom - Greek variant (purple body, purple hair, more flowers on body) – light pink smudge on one flank, some scratching on body 100$
Curly Locks (pink body, ponytail design, hair is pink, yellow, blue and white) Pegasus pony – yellow smudges on left flank Hongkong 1984 5$

Shipping cost depends on country of course but can do most of EU for 10 euro. USA is 28$


See overview pictures here:

Finding a new home for my childhood G1 Nirvana MLP collection was a big success and a lot of items are now with great collectors who will cherish them for a long time to come. These are the only ponies I have left.  DM me if you want to add them to your collection 💕
Blue belle (Greek variant)
Sky Dancer (Italy)
Baby Glory with bed
Baby Blossom


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