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How does your SO react to your collections?

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it doesn't bother him. he's the reason i started collecting. he got tired of me complaining that my mom gave away my care bears when i was a kid. and told me to go on ebay and replace them. well that spun out of control :)

he only gets annoyed if my collection gets messy. or if i spend too much money on them at times when i shouldn't be spending money.

my husband simply can't say anything about my collections when his collections fill the garage and we have a house full of shared collections...

Single here, but I'm friends with a few of my exes and they all know about my collections and think it's cool. But then, they also collect stuff and are big nerds :lol:

I'm pretty open about collecting ponies and other toys and I've never run into anyone who thought it was weird or got freaked out or made fun of me or anything.

I also collect skulls and bones/organic remains. THIS collection has been side-eyed before. Some people think it's creepy or that I'm super weird (I am, but that's beside the point :P ) but my ponies? Nah. Everyone is cool with it.

Leave a Whisper:
We're both collectors, so we often buy each other stuff.

Heart Of Midnight:
It doesn't bother my husband. :) He does listen with interest when I tell about them. He helped me assemble the closet where the ponies are.

(He is even more interested in real animal skulls and bones I have taken home from the forests, which I also collect. .So BlackCurtains, we have the same collectible!  :heart: )


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