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How does your SO react to your collections?

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Whether it be ponies, dolls, or otherwise... how does your significant other view your collection(s)?

What prompted this question was a thread on Reddit (arguably my first mistake) in which men were asked what they thought of girls who collected toys. The general consensus: creepy, unless the men were figure collectors themselves.

I've been single all my life, so SOs are out of the question... but most of my friends and extended family members found the collection odd, if not slightly endearing. Toy collecting isn't something I publicly advertise unless you walk into my room -  there's a couple custom ponies on my dresser, and a plush leopard keychain clipped to my purse. I'm of the opinion that it isn't a hobby that makes you immature, but a lack of responsibility, laziness, and respect does.

What are your experience(s)?

Fascination. She tries to explain things to me in pony terms related to her own interests.

I don't have a SO but sometimes I worry what my mom would think if she found my six ponies.

I do not have one, but I hope my future girlfriend will also collect toys of some sort. It would be fun to go hunting for things together, gift giving would be a bit easier (they might just have a wishlist) and we can house the collections and geek out together! What could be better?
Though my friends and family have reacted with amusement or a bit of surprise at just how much stuff is in my collections.

I've been with my SO since 2011, we met in 2010. He's completely OK with the ponies, and other collections I have started over the years. It makes him happy that it makes me happy, and while not super interested maybe, he lets me talk his ears off about it when I'm in the mood for it.
I wouldn't be with him if he didn't respect my interests. I did that mistake in the past and it left horrible mental scars (that, and a bunch of other things, but beside the point), and I often feel ashamed of my collection, but he helps me out of those funks.

He in turn loves collecting jackets and guitars. completely fine by me! ^^


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