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Anyone else really like the G4.5 Smashin Fashion line?

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I haven't seen any discussion of it on this forum and I keep thinking that's sad because they're actually really nice and I think nicer than the G4.5 brushables? Only the first three were released in my country (Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash) but I kind of adore them? I don't like the g4.5 faces on the brushables much but they just work for these.

Specifically I like that they balance on both two legs and four legs but you can twist them into just about any position, like sitting or standing up or just a pretzel. It's just kind of a shame they released so few of them because the articulated G5s aren't as nice or flexible, imo. Also the vast majority of the accessories being usable on each pony is just super cool and nice.

Kind of wish they released more in the line because the fact Rarity (or Starlight Glimmer, my fave :( ) didn't get a release is a terrible shame. Anyone else like this line a lot?

I too liked this line and am also disappointed Rarity didn't get made in a line that supposedly revolves around fashion. Especially since Celestia and Cadence in the Royal Premier set use what is clearly a Rarity hair mold. At least I was able to find the Pinkie and DJ set and the Royal Premier sets online. I personally don't like the clothes or how they look standing on two legs but once you put them in a more normal pony pose they look great.

I'm not particularly a fan of the style or molded manes and tails, but it is very neat to have official anthro ponies. I'd love it if we could get some brushable anthros.

I love this set!! I only picked up Twilight and the Party set, but I definitely would love to try to customize some of these. I love the idea of anthro ponies, it reminds me of Tales or late G3.5, very sweet. I never saw any other sets nearby. I would pick up the royal set if they had more unique hair molds.

I love them, I like anthro ponies.
I wish they were brushable though.
And I still have no clue why Luna doesn't get wings...
But I'm just glad to have a anthro luna at all :)


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