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Who do you think are easier to find?

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Earlier G1's or later?

For me I think its the 4 billion Peachy's that are so much easier to find than anything younger than 1986!
I think the Tales ponies & 90's G1's are even harder to get hold of.

What you think?

bright rabbit 1:
Baby Blossom I keep seeing her on eBay.uk I’m thinking of getting some.

Earlier G1 for sure. That's when pony was at it's most popular, so it makes sense.

I haven't been pony-hunting in a while, but earlier, definitely. Especially since most of the earlier ones were released in more places than the later ponies.

I agree, the earlier ones.

The last 2 years are kind of an exception anyway because their distribution missed out the biggest markets of USA and Canada,meaning there are fewer around anyway.

And it's not necessarily the case that all early G1s are easier to find than later.  I mean, Mountain Boys are probably less common than peekaboo babies...even though neither were sold everywhere...

But in general the early ones and especially those with playsets. Or here, the Groom and Style set (what the US calls "Year 3 earth". They're pretty iconic here I guess, in the absence of the early pegasus and unicorns as toys.

Ironically over here that means those y2 pegs and unicorns are like gold dust, and mountain boys and tales ponies are easier to find (it's all relative) than Firefly and Medley.


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