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My name is Nicholas / OldTech, I'm in my late 20s and live in the UK.
I'm either in Bradford or Wrexham where I am studing Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University.

I ventured into the world of My Little Pony in 2015, initially in G4.
Since I won 5 G2 ponies at UK Pony Con's "Pinch a Parcel" in 2019, I've become more interested in past generations.
This lead me to compleate the Secret Surprise Ponies set at UK Pony Con this year.

I stumbled across this forum whilst trying to find the difference between G2 Sky Skimmer and Butterfly.

Thank you for letting me join you little patch of heaven, I look forward to meeting everyone.

Have a good day.

Nicholas / OldTech

Hi and welcome to the Arena!
Have fun here :)

Hello and welcome!
G2 ponies have a special magic to them that sets them apart from other gens, the closest to them being Sweetheart Sisters and Flutter Ponies.I
I only have a few but I'd love to collect/see more.

Heart Of Midnight:
Welcome to the Arena!  :good:

welcome welcome, this is a great place to come for fellowship of all gens :)


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