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This is my second attempt at an intro post. I've been collecting G1 for about 5 years, am in the UK, and use the Facebook groups so the Arena is unfamiliar territory for me and so far, not a great experience in terms of ease and functionality. Frustration has been the primary feeling! So I'd love it if you guys could show me what other people love so much. Here's hoping.

Artemesia's Garden:
So what happened to the first one  :lol:

:waves: Hi, I'm also in the UK. I prefer this kind of forum, I find it a lot more direct and logical than Facebook, plus I boycott Facebook. I like because on here people have slightly more in-depth discussions.

This place has it's own structure and culture which you will get the hang of quickly and then it rarely changes.

I mainly just use the two links that you will find under "Hello gaultier100" next to where your avatar will appear, top left, if you add one. Then I first see who has replied to posts I am posting in, next I click the other one to show a list of new posts since my last visit.

I have to tell you that for me, the search function on here doesn't work well and never has done. So I use other sites like Taffeta's site for research or post questions on here in the Coral because I find people are really good at responding. The 'Off Topic' area is nice for general chit chat.7

Hope you enjoy!

Hi and welcome to the Arena!
Have fun here :)

Hello and welcome! I'm sorry that the Arena has been so frustrating for you. We're a really nice bunch here and only a little crazy.  :drunk:
If you aren't sure where to find something in particular I'm sure if you ask someone will be more than happy to lend a hand.
Like Artemisa said, here you are more likely to find long in depth conversations than you'll find on Facebook, and that is one of many reasons I like it here more.

Heart Of Midnight:
Welcome to the Arena!  :good:


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