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Wanted - G4 Cutie Mark Crew


Hey everyone! I'm looking for any Cutie Mark Crew that I don't have -- just looking for the pony versions, not the human-ized Equestria Girls ones. The ones below are ones I'm looking for. I'm not as concerned about accessories, just the ponies. :) Thanks!

Mane Characters Needed:
-pony Applejack (any series with no red on her hooves)
-pony Rarity (any)
-pony Pinkie Pie (any series not rainbow-fied)

-seapony Applejack (any)
-seapony Twilight Sparkle (any)

Needed Other Characters:
-Apple Bloom (not neon)
-Baby Flurry Heart
-Big Mac (Series 2, no green on hooves)
-Daring Do
-Diamond Tiara
-DJ (any series not rainbow-fied)
-Flower Wishes
-Lily Valley
-Lotus Blossom
-Princess Cadance
-Princess Luna (Series 2, not rainbow-fied)
-Queen Chrysalis
-Sandbar (Series 4, no green on hooves)
-Shining Armor
-Starlight Glimmer
-Starlight Glimmer rainbow-fied
-Sweetie Belle
-Trixie (Series 2, not rainbow-fied)
-Unicorn Royal Guard

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