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POTD 10/15/2021 Firefly Italian


Happy Friday!

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Do you have this pony? Your thoughts? Share some more pics!

I have two of her and do like the painted symbol on her.

For the entire month of October I'll be featuring Nirvana's from Italy & Spain. I'll continue to dedicate the first few days to birthday ponies in celebration of those born within that month. The last day of the month will be dedicated to a specific play set.pass

My sister has her.

I'd really like a MOC one, because the fable card is so pretty. Otherwise I'm not sure if I have one of my own loose...

Heart Of Midnight:
I want her! Cute!  :lovey:

I missed this poll, but yes! I have her ^^
I found her in a 2nd hand shop in Bruges. xD I was so excited I was shaking.

I have a few of her. Maybe 4 ?


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