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A dance among stars (New oc, name suggestions?)

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Earlier this month, I bought a custom character design by Librho on deviantart from an epic base of theirs: link

It looks to be half lion half unicorn and I fell in love. They were epic to work with. I sent them photos of MoonDreamers toys to explain the kind of themes I wanted and together we came up with this sweetie:

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The result kind of reminds me of Kingsley the lion. Kingsley is one of my favs, so I love that!  :lol: I still haven't decided on a name or gender for my new character though.

Anyway, I absolutely had to draw them! I referenced official artwork of 80's My Little Pony and Moondreamers. I really wanted to get that 'look' down and I think I succeeded.

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I'm really happy with how this turned out. I actually feel like I did them justice.  :heart:

As I said before, not sure on what their name is or if they're gonna be a boy or girl.

I really want to get a good name. Either a one word name, or two words like many ponies have. I'm going to ask around in a couple of communities in case anyone has ideas!  ^.^ Thank you for looking, and for reading~ I needed to gush about them haha. I would love to get a model or custom made IRL someday.

Aw, they're so cute! I love the big floofy tail! Definitely reminds me of Moondreamers. Your work is so crisp :wow:

Names, hmm. Stelleo, a combo of stella and leo. That's all I can think of at the moment :lol:

Great character design and I really adore your artwork!

That's so sweet!! I would look at the names of the stars in the Leo constellation: Regulus, Algieba...

It really does remind me of Moondreamers and Kingsley in one!
Such a cutie  :blush:


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