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Pinkie Pie halloween greeter


I couldn't find one of these at any of the area Walmarts, so I turned to the net and found one on Mercari that was only $18 over the tag price (seen them with 3 digit BIN's on Ebay):

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This thing is huge (look at the brushable underneath it). It's 22" to the tips of the ears, completely dwarfing the BaB ones (even bigger than the custom plushie I commissioned). It has frames in the legs so it can stand freely, while still being soft. The socks are more like leg warmers since they aren't closed on the bottom.

I did discover though, it looks like Hasbro used this piece of art from 2017 to design it:
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She's amazing!!! And on time for Halloween too!!!

Oh that's a very cute plushie! Interesting that they seemingly based it on a piece of fanart too which seems ethically sketchy but still a nice plush

Oh man, that's cute!! Excellent get!!

smart move to use marcari - cause yeah, stores are so haphazardly stocked toy-wise (probably all the shipping issues of late) love love love this version and she's a perfect candy hostess for October 31st


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