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Wanted: G1 Adult 1985 Takara Milky & Clothes/Accessories


Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all good!

So, I’m super excited because I have finally saved up enough to get a Takara pony 🥰💕 Of course, my first bet was to get scavenging through eBay but honestly, the posts seem a little sketchy.

I know this is probably a long shot but if anyone out here has a pony that they are ready to let go, or if you know of someone who might? I’d be super happy to give it a new home for you. :blush: Any of the adult pony variations are good with me! Not picky over sealed boxes or any of that either. Thank you!

Update: I have found a beautiful Pinky! :) She's possibly the cutest thing in the world. I am now also in search of cute clothes and/or accessories for her if anyone has any ideas. Also looking to add a Milky Adult Pony to my collection as well so leaving this open! Thank you so much!

Get in contact with jrr74, she was selling Milky and Pinky.;u=14235

Thank you! Will do! :frolic:

Anyone have any other clues? :sad:


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