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Which ponies do you wish had a different pose?

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As a kid I always loved the 80’s television show and the characters personalities in the tv show and movie really stuck with me. So sometimes I didn’t fully understand the pose they gave the pony.

For example: Sweetstuff is shy, why is she not in the Apple Jack Shy Pose.

Here are a few ponies I wish had different poses:

Surprise: Medley Pose
Shady: Apple Jack Pose
Bowtie: Truly Pose (I know it didn’t exist then but would be perfect)
Gusty: mimic Pose
Sweetstuff: Tic Tac Toe or Applejack pose
Fizzy: Mimic Pose
Whizzer: Medley Pose
Sundance: Truly Pose
Posey: Crumpet Pose
Powder: Gusty Pose
Cherries Jubilee: (ponies with this pose always looked like “moms” to me) Crumpet or Tic Tac Toe pose

Curious to see which ponies you think should have different poses

I’m not a huge fan of the following poses:
Shady pose
Ribbon pose
Moondancer pose

So most if not all ponies in those poses I wish were in other poses! How gorgeous would ribbon be in the gusty pose?! And shady in the bow tie pose?!

Two of my favorite poses, Tootsie and Gingerbread, aren't very well liked by most people, so I am bias to those two.

I would definitely change Moondancer. That pose just looks blobish. Maybe to Dancing Butterflies pose?

I would love to have Wind Whistler in the North Star pose or the Dancing Butterflies pose, it would also be nice if her Brazilian version in the Surprise pose was more available.

Leave a Whisper:
That I own/ed.

Moondancer-Wish she was on the Gusty pose
Diamond Mint, Lira Heartstrings, Starlight Glimmer, Sea Swirl-Wish they'd been re-released on the SDCC Twilight pose

Earth Ponies:
Baby Starflower-Wish she'd been on the Baby Tic-Tac-Toe pose
Waterfire-Wish she was on the Valenshy pose
Seaspray-Wish she was on the Fizzy Pop pose
Alphabittle-Wish she was on the Gem Blossom pose
Sapphire Joy-Wish she re-released on the RMS Applejack pose
Lucky Clover-He'd look great as a big brother

Sky Dancer-Wish she was on the Paradise pose
Merry May, Bubble Muffin, Songbird Serenade-Wish they were re-released on the RMS Rainbowdash pose

Luna,  Celestia, Sterling- Wish they were re-released on the RMS Twilight Sparkle pose

G5s-Wish they were all on Retro Mane Six poses


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