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It's been ages since I've been on the Arena. Hi everyone!  :blush:

For various reasons, I had sort of drifted away from Pony collecting for a bit--I think a big part of it was my focus shifting to doll collecting, and life in general. However, I do visit my local thrift store semi-regularly, and I always check for ponies...you know, just in case.

Back in March, I found Mimic--yes, Mimic--of all ponies, in a bag, on the floor, for $3.99. I actually gasped and snapped up the bag. I had always liked her (I love unicorns, neon colors, and parrots), but accepted that I would probably never have her in my collection, as I rarely buy ponies online and try to just find them locally. And as you all probably know, Mimic tends to go for a price out of the budget of most. However, here was one of the rarest ponies out there, in my local haunt, in a bag, on the floor, unnoticed.

Recently I've been going through my collection in storage and rediscovering my love of ponies, which is why I am finally sharing this story. I guess the moral is that even when you think you won't or can't achieve your dreams, opportunity may appear as a bag on the floor behind a pile of junk....and now, she rules from her throne on my bookshelf. Whenever I think I just can't seem to catch a break with work or my health, there she is, reminding me fortune still smiles on me sometimes.

I hope you all find your dream ponies too! And I hope you're all doing ok despite everything. I apologize if this story is too mushy, I just wanted to spread some positivity. :)

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I love stories like these so much!  Thanks for sharing  :biggrin:

Wow!  Sweet find!  Of course, I always think it's exciting to find a G1 in the wild but to find your grail (no matter which one it is) makes it even better!  :newpony:

So exciting!! It's fun seeing her still pop-up. *Rubs hand on post for good luck*
(By the by your photo seems to not show up for me!)

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