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POTD 9/23/2021 Sweet Pop

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Happy Thursday!

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I have her; she's got a great color combo.

For the entire month of September I'll be featuring blue bodied ponies. I'll continue to dedicate the first few days to birthday ponies in celebration of those born within that month. The last day of the month will be dedicated to a specific play set.

One of my favorite non-animated twinkle eyed ponies!

Have and adore her. Took her on vacation.

I wasn't planning on getting her originally, but I was lucky enough to thrift her and took quite a liking to her! She's still not one of my favourite twinkle-eyed ponies, but she's definitely grown on me.

Have. I don't think she was officially sold here (need Taffeta for that), & I never saw her in shops, but when I found her on eBay, I was OMG BLUE TE PEGASUS MUST HAVE!!!

Her pose isn't my fave, & deffo wasn't when I was younger, but it's kind of grown on me so I no longer dislike it. Anyway, she's blue. Enough said.


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