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POTD 9/21/2021 Night Star

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Happy Tuesday!

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Kinda like this one...

For the entire month of September I'll be featuring blue bodied ponies. I'll continue to dedicate the first few days to birthday ponies in celebration of those born within that month. The last day of the month will be dedicated to a specific play set.

a new G2 for me!  WANT

New to me, what a pretty blue colour :)

Love pkw xxx

Not sure how I feel about the tail/mane mismatch...I would prefer the yellow all over.

Tealeaf, I think she does have other options for mane and tail, so she should have both a gold and yellow set ^^

A pony I would quite like to have! I like the colours, I think she looks good with both pink and gold hair! The changing hair ponies are fun.


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