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Vondels pony ornaments - is this too much for shipping?


Hey all!

I’ve been really wanting the hand blown Vondel’s G5 glass ornaments, and I see they are finally for sale on their website. I added two ornaments to my cart, and the shipping came up to just under $100 USD! I know international shipping is expensive…but has it really gotten that bad? I was expecting somewhere more along the lines of $30-50 for shipping….

I was going to post these in the wanted forum to see if anyone here could buy them locally and ship to me for cheaper, but then I decided maybe I should post here first and see if I’m just way out of the loop and that’s a normal shipping price now.

Thank you! :)

That sounds like a lot. I wonder if it would be cheaper to just have it shipped to someone in the EU and then pass it on.

That seems way off. I might have it shipped :huh:

Yes shipping a package with track and trace to the USA is normally about 30 euros.
On the delivery page it says countries outside of Europe should send them an e-mail so they can request a quote.
So the best you can do is message them and ask.

Minty, the glass ornaments have been posted on the Vondels USA site now!


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