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Feelings about your first custom attempt & encouragement for new starters :)

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The first time I ever Customised was done with some marker pen to dye some of the hair. That was not a good idea, & when I got into rehairing I did that where I could

my first custom was in the 1990s when it was still brand new. one of the best parts was all the experimenting. we didn't have access to dollyhair, or apoxie sculpt, or any of the things people take for granted now. I remember using fabric fringe to make hairy hooves and painting over it. I remember a couple of us painting original hair with acrylic paint for a 3d effect that defied gravity. I have one where someone's dad filled in a missing leg with silicone, and I customized it from there. I tried using gel pens...which smeared, but I found a way to seal them anyway.
so the takeaway is - experiment!

but also, if it's g1, please make sure it's actually bait. I still cringe at the memory of customizing a glitter shs that could easily have been loved by someone as she was....and I cringe when I see people take g1s with absolutely nothing wrong with them and customize them

My first custom pony was also probably inspired by Aikarin's website! She was a fakie (I knew I didn't want to risk destroying a real MLP!), and I used nail polish... :lmao: Poor angel, I still have her!! She should get some proper photos now, even with her 'skin' peeling...

Artemesia's Garden:
I tend to tweak still rather than customize fully, e.g. Peachy is now standing Ladybird. I'm not into the look of FBR and not clever enough for dyeing. Or committed enough for airbrushing. I'm very careful with what I will bait and what I will do. Mostly my stuff is actually reversible. It's very satisfying so my advice is be gentle and enjoy the results!

My first full custom was a Baby Fizzy made from my extremely ratty childhood Baby Moondancer. I was proud of her at the time, but right now she is on my to redo list :lol:


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