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Feelings about your first custom attempt & encouragement for new starters :)

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My first restoration was G1 Firefly. I was able to do the basic cleaning of the body and cutting the hair just fine, but when I went to do to rehair, it completely went south.

First issue was I used a shade too dark for this model of Firefly. Next, I did all of it WITHOUT a rehair tool…I don’t know how I managed to do that but I did. Instead of using a glue to keep the hair in…I used thread and tied knots in the strands to keep it in…

Needless to say, it was a horrible job! She is now properly restored and I apologize to her often for my horrible first attempt!

As for customs, I have two that I will be starting shortly! I’m making my ponysona with a G1 base and G4.5 base! Wish me luck!!

Oof... my FIRST ever custom... if it can be called that... was a bbe bait... I "sculpted" Pegasus style wings and a terrible horn for it out of Greenstuff... which shouldn't stick properly... painted over the whole mess with white paint... and did symbols out of ?I think? Gel pen...

I still have the monstrosity... buried in the back of my "shame shelf" of customs I could do better and the general B Team of my collection. One of these days (when I get the customs bug again, I can feel it maybe stirring... so that's a good sign ill jump back in the game in the near future) I'll do a proper remake of poor Princess Frozen Dreams...

Or not. XD

She's *technically* my first ever custom but I consider baby Fizzy my first, and F.D. more of a misguided protocustom.

Technically, my first custom was a Pony Bride I purchased at a car boot sale when I was 9. It was like 2006 and I was fixated on pony fan websites, so when I got a G1 that didn't have much character (or much of a name) I decided to create my own custom pony, just like the websites told me about. Puffy paint, nail polish, ugly grayed glow in the dark paint... she was a hot mess.

My first custom as an adult was Galarian Ponyta. While she looks nice, there were a lot of mistakes in the process, and she's sticky from painting her over in white many times. So uh, don't lay it on too thick. But mostly just keep practicing and moving forward.


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