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I'm heavier than I should be but I am finally starting to do something about it.  With my dr's approval I have started taking Slim Shots and dieting.  I know the Slim Shots aren't magic and to lose the weight I have to make a conscious effort to watch what I eat and really try.

I need help staying motivated and I thought in the spirit of Crowning Glory's Healthy Pony threads instead of making it just a thread about me it could be a thread where we can encourage each other about things. :D


I'm in the same situation, I'm being referred for gastric bypass but I need to lose weight on my own first before I'm approved. I've been dieting for about a week and half and I already feel better :) I'm trying to do high protein/low carb.

I'm also trying to walk more around my apartment (I can't walk far enough to actually walk outside) and my daily goal is over 1000 steps. It's not much, but every little bit helps.

We can do this! :cheer:

I’m heavier than I need to be too, and it just makes my chronic back pain from a previous injury that much worse. I need to walk more than I have been; 1000 steps would be a good start. Like BlackCurtains said, we can all do this if we stick to it :frolic:

I am also heavier than I should be. I’ve been watching what I eat and exercising more for a few months now. I’m down about 10 pounds from where I was, but it seems like I’ve stagnated the past couple weeks. Ideally I’d like to lose another 10. A community effort would be awesome! :) Healthy Pony really did help when I last participated.

I think I need to incorporate more resistance training into my workouts. I was doing that a couple months ago and seeing results, but lately I’ve been busy and too tired to do any high intensity exercise.

Sounds like we’re all in the same boat!
I’ve been doing Noom for the past couple months, and I will admit I’ve had so many slip ups, but I’m down 15lbs! What’s been helping me is eating a TON of fruits and veggies, drinking water, and just trying to be active for 30 minutes a day.

We all got this! I think this thread would be helpful for advice as well as just pushing eachother to our goals!!
 :happy: :happy: :happy:


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