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Who's up for another food thread?  :biggrin: Come and chat about food! Cooking, baking... what have you've been up to lately?

I'm starting this so that I can grumble because I'm hungry and my dinner is taking forever. :lol: Got this brilliant idea of making cabbage rolls. I only rarely make them and even though I know they're labour intensive, I always forget just how much time goes into making them. :P But now they're finally in the oven! I came up with a vegan recipe the last time I made them and wanted to try it again, with ground soy, quinoa and grated carrot.

Those of you who're into baking may remember my experiments with sourdough earlier this year. Unfortunately I let my starter die in the summer as it was too hot for baking and I had some of it in the freezer. If only I'd known how difficult it is to revive the frozen piece... I've made two batches of dough and ended up tossing both because they simply didn't rise. Apparently I didn't let it ferment for long enough, so I've got a third batch going... I hope something will come out of it this time! It smells different than the original starter. Not bad exactly, but different. :wonder:

Ah, perfect timing. I've been meaning to make tacos for the last couple of days but chopping all the veggies is making me procrastinate :P I really should make it though... I can eat off it for a day or two. I like hard taco shells with sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives and green chilis with refried beans as the filling. Or just heat up some beans and make a taco dip with tortilla chips. Yum! I think I might have some nacho cheese too? I'll have to look.

I've been ADDICTED to oatmeal lately! Plain oatmeal with a pinch of salt and vanilla, caramel oatmeal, brownie batter oatmeal, butter cookie oatmeal, cinnamon roll oatmeal (my favorite). The other day I put cheese and pesto in my oatmeal and got something that tasted disturbingly like pizza. I can't wait for my parents to leave the house so I can try even more outlandish combinations :devious:

The only thing I can't make is overnight oats... They don't last the whole night if I have my way :P

Food thread!

We have an apple and pear tree that is bearing fruit, I've been meaning to try to make some pies or other treats with them since I'm not much for just eating either plain. I also want to make more breads but I need to find a good reliable GF flour for it, maybe I'll finally order Better Batter online like that one baker always suggests.

Sourdough can be tricky, but I hope it turns out! I definitely want to make sourdough again but have just been so offput by the idea of GF breadmaking. 

Veggies chopped :accomplished:


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