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I'm sure we've all lost art pieces before. Maybe you didn't save your digital work and the power went out. Perhaps something traditional was lost in the mail. Maybe in high school someone stole your ceramic dragon.

We've all got stories.

What is yours?

Mine. Well. In high school someone stole my ceramic dragon. It was the end of year project for a major part of our grade in art class. This was when art was required along with music, home ec and shop class (yes, I am old). We all spent months on our sculptures. I was very proud of mine. It was a three piece dragon that looked like it was "swimming" through the table. Each section was about 6 inches long. He was decorated with spines and teeth and had a spilt tail.

We had painted and glazed our work, and the teacher was going to take everything home to fire in her kiln. You may not know that ceramic paints can change colors when fired. So having used some of those paints, I wasn't exactly sure how mine would turn out.

We were to collect our sculpture the end of the last day.

I got an A+.

When I went to get my dragon, he was gone from the table. I asked the teacher where did my dragon go. Someone had stolen him! I never got to see the finished piece. I didn't have art class that day. I was so angry and shocked. Who would steal someone else's sculpture?

I had great friends that summer that tracked down the kid that had taken it. I decided back then not to confront him (but I think some of my friends did).

Over that summer I discovered Sculpey clay, remade my dragon and he turned out even better than the first. My mom still has him on a shelf. Then I started sculpting regularly and it continues to this day. So, I may have lost one sculpture, but I gained a skill and my love of art only grew from there. Maybe it wasn't a bad thing after all.

That's so sweet of your friends to track him down. :)

I don't have any large stories. I had a Tumblr account I made shortly after I was 13 that I posted a lot of my first digital art onto, since I got a tablet that following December. I deleted the account in 2015 or 2016, I think. I wish I hadn't now! A lot of my other friends also deleted their first accounts and now there's no way to see the art since no one with an active blog had reblogged it, and I think that laptop is dead.

A little bit after that, I would simply move accounts instead of deleting entirely, and then I just stopped moving blogs. A lot easier to keep track of my stuff now.

When I was in elementary school, my parents weren’t the best…

Long story short, I had a lot of my things thrown away. I had a massive blue binder full of these comics I would make for my friends! The comic was called ‘Whiskers and Wolf’ and it was about (you guessed it!) a cat and a dog as best friends. They would get into so much trouble together! Whiskers the Cat was the main troublemaker, and Wolf the Dog was more reserved. I was able to find an incomplete comic in an old composition notebook a few years ago, but that blue binder with all the comics is lost to time. I really wish I still had it because I remember how happy it made my friends when i would release a new comic after school on Fridays!

Those were the days

Honestly I am on this website because I was trying to find some "lost art" that I found. Earlier in the summer some friends I play DnD with were going to play a My Little Pony campaign and I when it came to making a character I remembered a popcorn themed pony I drew for a thread on here. I remembered really liking the design and so I tried I revisited this forum after not logging in for years to try to find the picture, and Butter Romp was reborn lol.

I really wish I still had the original drawing so I could scan it in and clean it up more, the same with everything else that was in that sketch book, but since then I've lived in 3 different states and 4 different houses/apartments so its long gone.

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Thankfully I haven't lost much. Most of my traditional art form junior high and onward are stored in bins at my parents, and I have a strict organizing system for my digital art on my PC, though I do need to get a backup system in place in case of computer troubles.

However, near my junior or senior year of highschool, I had a celebratory bonfire burning of a lot of my art form middle school and art of an abusive ex-friend that I burned. I wish I held on to some of that middle school art, as it contained a lot of my earliest novel concepts that I can't remember at this point to revist :(


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