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Mercari fraud question

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--- Quote from: tailrustedtealeaf on August 20, 2021, 05:36:12 PM ---Unfortunately I don't think Mercari can force the reciever to ship ChaCha back. That's a very tricky situation and it's unfortunate to hear someone is falsely keeping her.

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I think you are 100% right..It’s so sad, I’m slowly losing faith in people once again, I shouldn’t say that but it’s true. I’m definitely going to see if she can be added to the bad buyer/seller list if it still exists

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--- Quote from: brightberry on August 20, 2021, 05:38:38 PM ---I think the only thing that can happen is that the seller leaves her a bad review?  I'm not sure about that.

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Oh good one! So I just checked and sadly she rated her yesterday before I had contacted her to let her know about the mistake…I think she *may be able to message mercari to change her rating possibly? I told her to check and see, I sure hope so !

I had this happen to me once as a seller, when I sent the wrong MOC outfit (I sent a collection one instead of a trade one.) It was a MOC I'd got at an early pony meet so I was angry - the buyer flat refused to return it and got quite nasty though, so there was nothing I could do in the end.

I wish you the best with this. I feel like it's sad a collector would do this, knowing it is a mistake. It is essentially stealing, because they are keeping something that belongs to someone else :/ But unfortunately there are a small number of unscrupulous people in the collecting community :(

Very sad... and it's so easy to just make a new account... scammers do it all the time... :( 
which has made keeping my Bad Seller List just about impossible... especially when so many sales are made on social media, with no feedback feature...

Thank you all! Well we are SOL for lack of a better term, she gets to keep the stolen pony and the seller is out the full cost  :( Mercari can’t do anything about it, they also don’t let sellers change the feedback. It’s so frustrating! Your so right lovesbabysquirmy there will always be an issue and they will continue their shifty ways be creating new accounts, grr! Wish I could have gotten her pony before she got mine, then the seller could have known before rating her! Darn! Oh well, just have to keep being a good person and know that karma does exist


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