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Mercari fraud question

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Ok so I’m fairly new to mercari so I don’t know all the rules but a seller accidentally sent my Cha Cha Llama to a girl who had purchased 4 ponies and the seller sent me her (the other buyer’s) Spunky the camel. Needless to say the seller and I are both devastated..the other buyer accepted the order yesterday and left feedback saying “They are wonderful! Thank you so much :)” so she fully intends on keeping Cha Cha :( the seller has been desperately messaging her and she’s not responding. Is there anything the seller can do?? Or not really since she can’t really prove she sent it to her. Either way the buyer knows what she is doing and is a seasoned collector so it’s clearly not a mistake…I’m going to return spunky and she will refund me obviously but I’m heartbroken for her..that is a BIG loss :(  I’m hoping if mercari pressures her she will come clean but I highly doubt they will or that she would be honest at this point.

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Thank you!! I wasn’t sure where to post!  :lol:

Unfortunately I don't think Mercari can force the reciever to ship ChaCha back. That's a very tricky situation and it's unfortunate to hear someone is falsely keeping her.

I think the only thing that can happen is that the seller leaves her a bad review?  I'm not sure about that.


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