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Author Topic: G1 Bright Eyes and Flower Bouquet  (Read 449 times)

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G1 Bright Eyes and Flower Bouquet
« on: August 18, 2021, 05:25:45 PM »
Hi everyone! I am selling a couple of spare ponies :)

I have tried to list everything in the descriptions below but please let me know if you want any additional information or photos. The prices are estimated based on their condition and current e-bay prices, but I would be happy to negotiate a new price if you disagree with the one suggested! If you are interested in any of the two (or both :biggrin:) items listed, please sent me a PM, with information of your country in order to send you a shipping estimate.

Please note:
1. Both items come from a non-smoking and cat-friendly home. Happy to give them a gentle wash before I send it to you if you are allergic.
2. Both ponies come from my personal collection. That means that they have been thoroughly cleaned (inside out) and then stored in a display bookcase with a glass door. In order to clean my ponies, I remove their head and place it back when completely dry without gluing it (unless it is wobbly). Typically, I replace their washer and metal ring with two white cable ties, unless the washer and metal ring are in excellent condition. From the items listed here, Bright Eyes has still her original washer and metal ring, but I replaced them on Flower Bouquet.
3. I am happy to ship internationally.
4. I accept only PayPal payments.

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Bright eyes - £60 -------SOLD-------

This pony is in very good condition. Her hair is soft and uncut. Her body is in very good condition with no significant discolourations, marks or stains. Her symbols have some wear especially on her right side. The blush on her right side has some rub, but the one on her left side seems almost intact. The coating on her eyes is mostly rubbed with some traces left here and there. As stated on the notes above, her head has been removed and not glued back, but it is not wobbly and keeps its pose perfectly. She has her original washer and tail ring which is in excellent condition without any signs of rust.

More photos here:]]

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Flower Bouquet - £30 -------SOLD-------

This pony is in good condition but has some flaws. Her hair is soft except at the end of her mane that shows some dryness. The hair seems uncut and has its original colour except the front part of her mane that is slightly faded. She has some very minor marks on her left front leg, a small mark-stain under her left blush which I could not remove, a mark on top of her muzzle (seems to be a faint pen mark), and a yellowish mark above her right back leg (seems like a highlighter pen mark). Her symbols are in very good condition and have no rubs except in a few leaves. The blush on her right side has some rub, but the other seems almost intact. Her eyes are in great condition. Her head has been removed and not glued back, but it is not wobbly and keeps its pose perfectly. As stated above, her washer and metal ring have been replaced with two white cable ties, in order to avoid tail rust.

More photos here:

Thanks for looking  :)

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Edited original post, as there were some issues with the photos. Please let me know if it works ok for everyone now.
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