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Pony Fair 2022 - June 25-26th - Tampa, FL

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Hey friends, it looks like the original Pony Fair thread was archived so here is a new one!  :cheer:

PONY FAIR 2022 - JUNE 25th-26th - TAMPA, FL

Tickets for the rescheduled Fair are now live. If you purchased tickets for 2020, they will automatically roll over (no action needed from you). New tickets can be purchased at the Ticketbud link below:

Hotel info:
Pony Fair will take place at the Double Tree Tampa Airport Hotel in Tampa, Florida (same as the 2019 Fair). You can find info about reservations, the group rate, & hotel contact on the Fair's webpage here:

If you are on Facebook please follow our page to be the first to hear about updates:

Is This The Last Pony Fair?:
In case you missed the announcement on Facebook, the 2022 Pony Fair in Tampa, FL will be the final large scale, multi-day Pony Fair event. Summer took over leadership of Pony Fair in 2010, and we've had a good run, but it is time to move on. We look forward to seeing all our pony friends again in June. :heart:

What About Pony Fair West?:
Pony Fair West (a single day event) has not yet been rescheduled. We are awaiting policy news from the state of California. The venue is currently not letting us rebook until restrictions are lifted. Once we are able to set a new date, info about Pony Fair West will be posted.

Counting the days already! So excited!

I'm really hoping to go! I only learned about it this year but it seems wonderful so I hope I get to see the final Pony Fair!

I went for the first time in 2019 and it was amazing. Looking forward to it next year.  :)


Main hotel reserved, membership and tables will roll over from last year, and we may be hitting Disney on the way home! Now all I've to do is control my (thus far unofficial) ADHD and get things done in time! :D


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